Live Mix: Almbeatz 2023 - Friday Opening It was my first time at Almbeatz and an immense pleasure to experience this surreal, beautiful spot in South Tyrol for a few days and get to know all the regulars and new folks - everyone who contributed to making this such a lovely time. As heavy rain came pouring down during my set, we needed to stop and move everyone inside, but after a while continued where we had left off....

July 25, 2023 · 2 min · dholbach

Live Mix: Cargo Cult Crew Berlin: Six Beat Under After many years of silence, Cargo Cult Crew came back together for the occasion in everybody’s favourite basement in Berlin. It was such a fun evening from beginning to the end - thanks to everyone who made it happen and thanks Olivia FX for the great live show! Anyway, here goes my set from 2am. I hadn’t played a Drum’n’Bass set in ages, but since I had lovers of broken beats in front of me, there was no holding back....

December 12, 2022 · 2 min · dholbach

Live Mix: Fam's Birthday @ Strandbad Plötzenseeötzensee/ One of the last warm September days, while it was raining and hailing in Neukölln, we enjoyed a late summer day and night in Strandbad Plötzensee and celebrated Fam’s birthday. I took over a dance-hungry crowd from Joe Carrera when we moved inside. It was a fantastic night - I couldn’t believe it had been 7 hours when I checked my watch as the place closed. Thanks everyone1 for this great event....

October 29, 2022 · 5 min · dholbach

Live Mix: Saturday Noon at Para Yok Festival Para Yok Festival! The beautiful summer called for tropical and summery vibes, so that’s what you are going to find here! It was a lovely event and I was looking forward to play some of these tunes for a long time! Thanks a lot to everyone who made this a very special weekend! 💖 Unfortunately the set was fraught with complications - I had to to replace parts of the equipment 💻🎛💥 … and deal with other difficulties in between....

August 8, 2022 · 2 min · dholbach

Live Mix: Wednesday Night at Dubstation at Fusion 2022 It was a last-minute request that led me to Fusion this year. One act unfortunately needed to cancel, so Tuesday night I packed things to play at Dubstation the next day. It was a great experience for me … thanks so much to everyone who turned up and to the lovely team of organisers as well! 💖 Cocotaxi - Cactus JÇÃO & Caracas Dub - Suena la decadente Masia One - Warriors Tongue (An-ten-nae Remix) coss - Come Into My Room Noema - Twilight (Xique-Xique Nightglow Remix) Smoke City - Underwater Love (Bendix Edit) Xique-Xique - Xaxoeira Ana Tijoux - 1977 (106er Edit) VON Krup Feat....

July 4, 2022 · 2 min · dholbach

Mixtape: Shh After a birthday weekend in the countryside and a long night of dancing I felt inspired enough to record this mix last night. Lots of dance floor bangers and recent finds… hope you like it! Rare Silk - Storm (Nelson’s Slowrave Edit) Riyoon - Shh Xique-Xique - Pirilampos (House Mix 2016 Remaster) Temple Tears - La Folie (Atric Remix) 9EYE - Orisa (Dario Klein Remix) Mindchatter - Tough as nails Axel Boman - Purple Drank Raxon - Tripworks Frankey & Sandrino - Boson Vhyce - One Day We’ll Float Kölsch & Tiga - Hal Popof - Bowo Yelle - A cause des garcons (Tepr remix)

June 28, 2022 · 1 min · dholbach

Mixtape: Jardin De Amor Check in here for an hour-long trip around the globe and experience a few of my new favorites. Sometimes a little trippy and dreamy, but all very danceable… JÇÃO & Caracas Dub - Suena la decadente Los Destellos - Jardin De Amor (David Pacheco & Tribilin Sound Remix) VON Krup Feat. Alekzal - Fosfenos (jiony Remix) Ka Moma - Lamba Da Di (Harro Triptrap Edit) Eartha Kitt - Angelitos Negros (Billy Caso’s Sliced Sky Remix) hubbabubbaklubb - Mopedbart (Barda Edit) Crussen - Bufarsveienen Josephine Baker - La Conga Blicoti (Polo & Pan Remix) Gene Farris & Kid Enigma - David Copperfield Viidra - Mitally Quantic - You Used to Love Me feat....

May 24, 2022 · 1 min · dholbach

Mixtape: Passagers It’s a new year and I have new hope that we’ll all get to enjoy loud music together soon again. Never before have I danced as much in my own four walls… in celebration of online dance workshops, pyjama parties with friends and spontaneous dance intermezzos at home here’s my morning mix for you. Caetano Veloso - It’s a Long Way (Mettabbana Edit) Cipő (BéTé Rework) Thornato - Shu Swamp Kotelett & Zadak - Take Me Back Urubu Marinka & Superbreak - That Loving Feeling (Dj Steef Edit) Blick Bassy - Aké (Brynjard Edit) Lukas Endhardt - Solo Tu Nicola Cruz - Bruxo (Von Party Remix) Kusht - O i Og i O Ft....

January 18, 2021 · 1 min · dholbach

Mixtape: No No No

Jazzsticks 013 - Decon - Rareties Innerground 058 - DJ Marky & Makoto - Bloody Mary Hospital 237DD - Camo & Krooked - All Night Shogun 061 - Rockwell feat. Kito & Sam Frank - Childhood Memories (Neosignal Remix) Atlantic 825646424429 - Flux Pavillion - Do Or Die (FuntCase Remix) Viper 050 - Trei - Habituated Jungle Cakes 019 - Ed Solo & Deekline - No No No (Serial Killaz Remix) Sub Slayers 023 - Wizard - Phenomenon One feat....

August 1, 2013 · 1 min · dholbach

Mixtape: Can't get you out of my head

Smoove - Ray’s woman (Smoove retouch) K. Sabroso & Dave Owen ft Jonny Butter - Cruz Control (Daytoner Remix) Smoove - The man with 2 watches Thomas Schumacher - Yara Jalla Banda - Czardas (Daniel Haaksman Remix) Rene Bourgeois - at Night (Umami Remix) klischée - TinTin Parov Stelar - Hotel Axos Twin Beats - Manak Drops The Pressure Charkha feat. Balkar - Sidhu Freestyle 015 - Fdel - Let The Beat Kick Third Degree - Can’t get you out of my head (Smoove Remix) MC Hammer - U Can’t Touch This Mad Decent 143 - Zeds Dead - Rumble In The Jungle

October 1, 2012 · 1 min · dholbach

Mixtape: Para mis amigos

Finally a non-Drum’n’Bass mix for you all. Hope you like it. Mas Que Nada (suonho Shuffle Rhythm Renumber) Mo’horizons ft. Yanez - Cowboy Bossa (Fab Samperi Remix) Omegaman - Para mis amigos Bertie Blackman vs Ozomatli - It’s Like That (Daigo Re-Bake) Frenic vs Busta Rhymes & Method man - Better Get happening (Redline Refix) Breakbeat Paradise 035 - Kool Hertz - Whatta Joint The Diplomats of Solid Sound - Hurt Me So (Lack of Afro Remix) Parov Stelar - Booty Swing Parov Stelar - Charleston Butterfly Quantic - Sol Clap Kormac - Show Time Nachna Onda Nei - Tigerstyle ft Kana Bhainiwala Amarik singh - Naughty boy Mr Bird - Talk of the Town (Joe Revell’s gun in hand remix) Eskew Reeder - Undivided Love (suonho Soul Stomp Edit) Siriusmo - Wow Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (umami Edit) Giant Pussy X004 - Tim Healey, Felguk - Rio (Slyde Remix)

September 7, 2012 · 1 min · dholbach

Mixtape: Live Set with MC Massiv La Gaza in Trickster, Berlin

A live set I recorded on a Cargo Cult Crew Berlin event in Berlin’s Trickster. Some technical difficulties, some mixing mistakes still couldn’t stop us from having a great time. Half-way through the set MC Massiv La Gaza joined in, plugged in his mic and got everybody to rock out. It was an awesome night - thanks everyone! Liquid V 002 - Calibre - Drowning In You Jungle Cakes 008 - Ed Solo & Ghostline - Ghost Town feat....

April 13, 2012 · 2 min · dholbach

Mixtape: Love Radar

Uprising 028 - Prolix & Dose - No One Else Critical Presents Modulations 010 - June Miller - Snapcase Don’t Play 002 - TC - Tap Ho Type G Audio 007 - D-Man - Mince Meat (Dub Zero Remix) Streetlife 009DG - DJ Nut Nut - Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) Jungle Cakes 008 - Ed Solo & Ghostline - Ghost Town feat. DJ Concept Mad Decent 143 - Zeds Dead - Undah Yuh Skirt Feat....

February 5, 2012 · 1 min · dholbach

Mixtape: Cryptkeeper

Intrinsic 005 - Submorphics & Chino - Infused Bad Taste 017DD - Telekinesis - Sacrifice OWSLA 001 - Porter Robinson - Spitfire (Kill The Noise Remix) Critical 057EP - Enei - Movin Fast Digital Soundboy 037 - Breakage ft. Jess Mills - Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix) Funkatech 050D - Far Too Loud - Moneymaker Audioporn 014PT1 - Shimon & Tali - Get Out Play Me Too 020 - Flufftronix - Bassface (Kanji Kinetic Remix) Bad Taste 011DD - Hedj & Neonlight - Joker Hospital 194DDS - Camo & Krooked - Funk You MTA 009 - Nero - Crush On You (Knife Party Remix) Hospital 194DDS - Camo & Krooked - Cryptkeeper Life 003DG - Sigma - The Jungle (Sub Zero Remix) Digiform 006 - Blockhe4d & Cabbie - Dive RAM 104D - Cyantific & Wilkinson - Get Into It Metalheadz 094 - Lenzman - Broken Dreams

November 15, 2011 · 1 min · dholbach