In my day job (in the IT world) we staged an online event in Oct 2021. As with past events like these, it makes the event a lot more fun if you have music in between quite technical talks and folks can get up from your desk and dance while you grab a new cup of tea.

On Mixcloud it’s my first mix using a DJ controller - it’s a very recent development for me. A lot of fun though. I enjoyed the whole event, but it was also sensory overload as I was watching 3 laptops to e.g. catch cues when new speakers would come on or if there was audience feedback, so excuse these moments of distraction - along with the breaks! I’ll get a distraction-free mix out soon again - promise! So without further ado, here’s the music folks from the event as people asked for it. Enjoy!

  1. jiony - Sincretismo
  2. Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize (Benedikt Frey Edit)
  3. okuma - Garnatxa
  4. Daniel Hokum - Burn (Paul Traeumer’s Shuffled Remix)
  5. Johannes Klingebiel - Latewood
  6. Canu, Nu, Alejandro Castelli - Mariposa (Viken Arman Remix)
  7. The Tribe Of Good - Heroes (edit)
  8. Noir & Haze - Around (Solomon remix)

  1. Nachtbraker - Hamdi
  2. Sam Shure - Mirage
  3. Vijay & Sofia Zlatko - Rap A Verse (Cassimm Remix)
  4. Sanoi & Rattler - Walking

  1. Malaa - Paris 96'
  2. Afgo - Someone
  3. Kurd Maverick - Dancing To (Extended Mix)
  4. Efdemin - Just a Track

  1. Andi Otto - Gianna Anna (Paradise Hippies Remix)
  2. Thornato - Chapinero

  1. Tony Adams - Estou Livre
  2. Fibre - I’ll Go Back
  3. Psychemagik - Mink & Shoes feat Navid Izadi
  4. Sam Shure - Mirage
  5. Super Flu - Watching The Stars (Super Flu´s Watching A Piano RMX)
  6. The Sunburst Band - He Is (Jimpster Remix)