I was lucky to support GitOps Days 2020 EMEA last week. The community of GitOps practitioniers came together again for round two and we saw lots of very engaged discussion and new ideas.

It was a great pleasure to play at the event and bring some playfulness and silliness to the breaks in between. As last time I found it a bit hard to read the crowd (you can’t see anyone), so I tried to pick from a variety of styles of danceable music. I’m happy to say I got a lof very sweet feedback.

The set I played Friday morning to kick off the day was the one below - you can check it out on my Mixcloud.


  1. Syl Johnson - It Is Because I’m Black (Hita del Cid Remix)
  2. Felix Eul - Pianoctopus (Konfetti Klub Ensemble Remix)
  3. Leonidas & Hobbes - Web Of Intrigue
  4. Nina Simone - Baltimore (Gaviño edit)
  5. Johannes Klingebiel - Latewood
  6. Oliver - Bygones
  7. Opiuo & Vorso - Dusty Bugs

As a few folks asked for a full tracklist of everything I played, here goes:

Day 1

Baden Powel - Canto de Lemanja (Billy Caso's Coco Edit)
Xique-Xique - Xaxoeira
Xique-Xique - Xaxoeira (Nicola Cruz Remix)
Edu Lobo - Viola Fora De Moda (Cau Lopez Remix)

Dengue Dengue Dengue - Serpiente Dorada
Urubu Marinka & Superbreak - That Loving Feeling (Dj Steef Edit)
Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love (Steve Bonde Edit)

Drumagick - Easy Boom
Phuzion Digital 007 - Turtled - Jazz Shadows
Quarantine 007 - Break - Enigma (Calibre Remix)

Guts - Brand New Revolution
Dunmore Park - The Mali Shake
Bruxas - Plantas Falsas

Synapson - Lengueno feat Pongo
Teymori - Valley Of Peace
Nickodemus feat Ismael Kouyate - N'Dini (Tal M Klein Remix)
Owiny Sigoma Band - Nyiduonge Drums (James Dole Edit)
Johannes Klingebiel - Latewood (Conga Fever's Seksi Disco Remix)

Willpiercey - Mr. Withers (Acauã Na Noite Edit)
Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (Criolina Remix)

Twerking Class Heroes - Hustlin´
Gang Do Eletro - Pith Bull
Daniel Haaksman - Toma Que Toma (Waldo Squash Remix)
Banda Uó - Cremosa
Sofi Tukker - Purple Hat
Baiuca - Mangüeiro (feat. Aliboria)

Day 2

Syl Johnson - It Is Because I'm Black (Hita del Cid Remix)
Felix Eul - Pianoctopus (Konfetti Klub Ensemble Remix)
Leonidas & Hobbes - Web Of Intrigue
Johannes Klingebiel - Latewood
Oliver - Bygones
Opiuo & Vorso - Dusty Bugs

Jiony - Aguas De Marzo
Velly Joonas - Stopp, Seisku Aeg! (I Gemin Edit)
Baja Frequencia & Rafael Aragon - Shenhai Dance
Diplo - Express Yourself feat. Nicky Da B (Gent & Jawns Remix)

Os Tincoãs - Deixa A Gira Gira (LQSB Edit)
Carrot Green - Novena (DJ Butcher Edit)
John Ohms - Breathe & stop
Nickodemus - Inmortales (Body Move) feat. Fémina (The Spy from Cairo Remix)
Mooqee - Supacat Police (feat. Feral is Kinky)
Nickodemus - 2 Sips & Magic (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenatn Nicholson - El Niño
Teymori - Valley Of Peace