GitOps Days 2021 Tracklist

Earlier this week it was time for GitOps Days again. The third time now and the event has grown quite a bit since we started. Born out of the desire to bring GitOps practitioners together during pandemic times initially, this time we had a proper CFP and the outcome was just great: lots of participation from a very diverse crowd of experts - we had panels, case studies, technical deep dives, comparisons of different solutions and more....

June 13, 2021 路 4 min 路 dholbach

Gitops Days - Day 2 playlist

GitOps Days are over now - what a blast I had. Even though it was long hours, it was so much fun supporting the event: such a friendly and engaged audience (loads of great questions and discussion on Slack), excellent - very experienced and fun speakers, and a super well-organised team! Thanks everyone who made these two days as special as they were! 馃挀 It has happened before: people were picking a DJ name for me....

May 22, 2020 路 2 min

Gitops Days - Day 1 playlist

What a brilliant day 1 of GitOps Days it was. Weeks of hard work from a great team went into this, as was quite apparent. Minor glitches, some last minute shuffling of speakers, but apart from that very very seamless. (You can still sign up and get links to the recordings.) I had a bit of an unusual role: I was DJing at an online event. Some questions online were about the setup and why I wasn鈥檛 changing records during playing (well spotted!...

May 21, 2020 路 4 min


I鈥檝e been slacking a bit when it comes to DJing land picked it up this year again. Some of my mixtapes are on a part of my blog that鈥檚 not syndicated, but I set up a page with all the posts. I just posted a new one today. If you have no plans tonight and you鈥檙e in Berlin, come to the GNOME3 Launch Lounge (Facebook event page) in c-base tonight. I鈥檒l be playing there as well....

April 8, 2011 路 1 min 路 dholbach


Earlier today I went to a goodbye party of a friend who鈥檚 going to Australia for a few months. Great things that happened: Party was outdoors, a few DJs played, great atmosphere, 100+ people at peak times Some of my awesome office mates were there, my sister too The police showed up and instead of shutting the party down, they told us where it was 鈥淥K鈥 to have the party We moved all the equipment, the generator, drinks and everything else to the new place, which was nearby, everybody helped I played a 4 hour Drum鈥檔鈥橞ass set, which I (and others) were very happy with, they even collected money for the DJ - glad it was dark, so nobody could see if I was blushing I watched the sunrise by the riverside while the party was still going on I drove home on my bicycle A few guys stopped me to take a picture of them and as a thanks offered me their last beer Oh how I love this city!...

August 1, 2010 路 1 min 路 dholbach

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: Free Culture Showcase Winners!

We have two heroes of Free Culture who will have their pieces of art released on the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS CDs. Without further ado let me present you the two winners of this cycle鈥檚 Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase and what they have to say about themselves, their work and Ubuntu: Audio: Colin Ross - Frustration Blues Colin Ross I鈥檝e been playing music since my dad started training me in classical piano at 5, and I鈥檝e been making a living playing music鈥搒ometimes just barely鈥搒ince I was a teenager....

March 26, 2010 路 3 min 路 dholbach

You're into Free Culture? Share with Ubuntu

As part of the Ubuntu community we鈥檙e quite used to the concept of sharing our work with others. Not just because we鈥檙e all good and selfless people but because we deeply believe that by actively making the fruits of our labour available to others we make the world more diverse and interesting, solve problems and generally make it a better place. There luckily today are countless and successful examples of this and Ubuntu fits perfectly into this world of sharing....

December 31, 2009 路 1 min 路 dholbach

Free Culture in Ubuntu

You鈥檙e involved in Free Culture? You want to get your music, video or picture out to millions of people? Check out the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase! Every Ubuntu Karmic CD might include your piece of art. Participate! :-)

June 16, 2009 路 1 min 路 dholbach

Audio Endeavours

I blogged about my funny audio problems before. In the end I got the Ubuntu-related problems figured out, but still I got weird noise in the recordings; the recording process even picked up radio. Some friends told me that their guitar amplifiers in some cases picked up radio too, others thought I was kidding. You could imagine: Drum鈥檔鈥橞ass mixtapes with radio announcements and classical music in them would suck slightly. :-)...

March 29, 2009 路 3 min 路 dholbach

Audio Help Needed

Some people might have realised the lack of new mixtapes in my blog already. The good news: I still like music, I still like Drum鈥檔鈥橞ass and I still like DJing. The bad news: recording got more difficult. Up until now I used a small python I script I wrote to record the mixtapes. It basically just wrapped around gst-launch-0.10 pulsesrc ! queue ! audioconvert ! vorbisenc ! oggmux ! filesink location=<somefile>...

February 27, 2009 路 2 min 路 dholbach

Wanted: more Balkan Beats

I鈥檝e not been asking the Lazy web a lot yet, but I hope to get some good recommendations here. I鈥檓 looking for 鈥淏alkan Beats鈥 music on vinyl. Inspired by the legendary Bucovina and Balkanbeats parties and compilations, I鈥檝e been looking for that kind of music for a bit longer now. I already have: Balkanbeats, Part 3 Shantel, Disko Partizani Shantel, Bucovina EP Shantel, Bucovina Vol. 2 EP Let me know if you found more....

February 14, 2009 路 1 min 路 dholbach

Google Juice

It seems that my mixtapes turn up very early in the results when you鈥檙e searching for 鈥渄rum鈥檔鈥檅ass mixtapes鈥. I just hope the listeners are as happy as the page rank suggest. :-)

December 2, 2008 路 1 min 路 dholbach


I was very excited to see Jono finally announce Severed Fifth (digg it). He had mentioned the idea to me before and I鈥檒l be sure to check regularly into what鈥檚 happening in the project. I listened to the .ogg announcement and besides Jono鈥檚 sexy narrator voice I realised that the part about how culture evolves and how we need to be free to be creative reminded me a lot of the Amen Break documentary....

June 10, 2008 路 2 min 路 dholbach

L.U.X. again

I鈥檒l play in Berlin鈥檚 L.U.X. again on Friday. I look forward to it quite much and the line-up looks quite promising. Seems I was wrong about one thing鈥

February 27, 2007 路 1 min 路 dholbach

Holy Cow

Since Matthias 鈥榙oko鈥 Klose and my brother have been good at leaking the story, here my few words on it. Michal, the organiser of the 鈥淐argo Cult鈥 parties in Berlin鈥檚 L.U.X. called me some days before my birthday party and told me who鈥檇 be around on that night, as he鈥檇 be on vacation and told me gigglingly, that they had chosen a 鈥渂irthday DJ name鈥 for me. Of course I asked what the name was鈥 all he said was 鈥淵ou鈥檒l find out soon enough....

February 1, 2007 路 1 min 路 dholbach