Ubuntu 15.04 is changing the game

15.04 is out!   And another Ubuntu release went out the the door. I can’t believe that it’s the 22nd Ubuntu release already. There’s a lot to be excited about in 15.04. The first phone powered by Ubuntu went out to customers and new devices are in the pipeline. The underpinnings of the various variants of […]

Giving Ubuntu devices users a head-start

In the past weeks Nick, David, a few others and I worked on an app / a website, which could easily collect information which will give users of an Ubuntu device a head-start. All our collective experience and knowledge, easily added and translated. We achieved quite a bit. We’re now very close to getting a […]

Sometimes it’s so easy to help out

I already blogged about the help app I was working on a bit in the last time. I wanted to go into a bit more detail now that we reached a new milestone. What’s the idea behind it? In a conversation in the Community team we noticed that there’s a lot of knowledge we gathered […]

Get trained on Ubuntu’s HTML5 story

Did you always want to write an app for Ubuntu and thought that HTML5 might be a good choice? Well picked! We now have training materials up on developer.ubuntu.com which will get you started in all things related to Ubuntu devices. The great thing is that you just write this app once and it’ll work on […]

Always something new…

What do Kinshasa, Omsk, Paris, Mexico City, Eugene, Denver, Tempe, Catonsville, Fairfax, Dania Beach, San Francisco and various places on the internet have in common? Right, they’re all participating in the Ubuntu Global Jam on the weekend of 6-8 February! See the full list of teams that are part of the event here. (Please add yours […]

Scope training materials

For some time we have had training materials available for learning how to write Ubuntu apps.  We’ve had a number of folks organising App Dev School events in their LoCo team. That’s brilliant! What’s new now are training materials for developing scopes! It’s actually not that hard. If you have a look at the workshop, […]