Scope training materials

For some time we have had training materials available for learning how to write Ubuntu apps.  We’ve had a number of folks organising App Dev School events in their LoCo team. That’s brilliant! What’s new now are training materials for developing scopes! It’s actually not that hard. If you have a look at the workshop, […]

Accompanying a new generation of developers

The Ubuntu Developer Advisory Team has been in place for two or three release cycles already and it’s been a fun journey so far. We’ve got in touch with many many new contributors and old contributors as well. If you don’t know what this team does, here’s what our wiki page has to say: We […]

Спасибо всем!

If you track the Packaging Guide page very closely, you will have noticed it already. We have the main piece of Ubuntu Development instructions available in English Spanish Russian now, which is just fantastic. Months of hard work were translated and some small issues sorted out by the unstoppable Dmitry Shachnev. Without his outstanding help, […]

Ubuntu Developer Week is back

The times for Ubuntu have never been more exciting. Cloud, server, desktop, laptop, TV, tablet, phone – everything runs Ubuntu or is soon going to. This makes developing Ubuntu very special, because fixes which go into Ubuntu in one place will benefit all form factors and all circumstances where it’s used. By improving Ubuntu you […]

The Packaging Guide finally does speak Spanish

We have achieved a huge milestone in the development community. For years we wanted translatable packaging and development documentation. It’s there. If you head to you can see the following: The Ubuntu Packaging Guide (Spanish) – would you like to learn how to package or become an Ubuntu Developer? Here’s a comprehensive, topic-base guide […]

Ubuntu Development Hangouts for you

Our Ubuntu Development Hangouts have had guests every now and then, but we wanted to get more people on board to talk about what’s going on in Ubuntu development. Many of our viewers asked for more detailed information about specific topics. So here’s what we’re up to in the next weeks (we’ll add more dates […]

Ubuntu Packaging Guide is progressing nicely

I’m quite happy with the progress the Packaging Guide is making. We managed to fix a bunch of bugs this cycle and most importantly we got it into Ubuntu and made it translatable. We only opened translations a couple of weeks ago, but some language teams have been hard at work: pt_BR.po (18%) ja.po (14%) […]

The five minute introduction to Ubuntu development

We need some feedback. Can you please leave a comment with the information you wish you had had heard when you got involved with Ubuntu development you want to share with new starters in Ubuntu development you learnt and found invaluable As you can imagine, your feedback is going to make the experience for new […]