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L.U.X. again

I’ll play in Berlin’s L.U.X. again on Friday. I look forward to it quite much and the line-up looks quite promising.

Seems I was wrong about one thing…

Life People

Did you just say “Pants off”?

Among lots of cool things, Mimi and my sister gave me this for my birthday:

I decided to not further think about it.


Shower For An Hour

  1. Funktastic – Honey (Shogun Ltd 003)
  2. Beta 2 – Fool In Your Eyes (Horizon 013)
  3. St. Cal – Losing Ground (Soul:R 018)
  4. Jaheim – Put That Woman First (Calibre Remix Vocal) (Warner Bros 612 TX)
  5. Alex Phountzi feat. Xantoné Blacq – Another Way (M.I.S.T Remix) (Funk Of Fury 002)
  6. Ben Westbeech & Die – Get Closer (Rockers Mix) (Brownswood 009)
  7. Total Science feat. MC Conrad – Soul Patrol RMX (CIA 033)
  8. Kabuki & Makoto feat. Deeizm – Look Of Love (Liquid V 015)
  9. DJ Marky & XRS – Moments Of Lust (Makoto Remix) (Innersound 014)
  10. High Contrast – Make It Tonight (Hospital 037)
  11. Noisia & Teebee – Shower For An Hour (Subtitles 056)
  12. Xploding Plastix – Treat Me Mean, I Need The Reputation (Hospital 042)


Since I finally managed to get hold of a scanner, I thought I’d share some pictures with you.

Does this look fair too you?

  • moderate picture quality
  • professional Gangster (or Blues Brothers) look
  • 20 km/h too much
  • 30,00 €
  • abysmal picture quality
  • WTF?
  • 23 km/h too much
  • 62,93 €
Berlin Drum'n'Bass Life Music People

Holy Cow

Since Matthias ‘doko’ Klose and my brother have been good at leaking the story, here my few words on it.

Michal, the organiser of the “Cargo Cult” parties in Berlin’s L.U.X. called me some days before my birthday party and told me who’d be around on that night, as he’d be on vacation and told me gigglingly, that they had chosen a “birthday DJ name” for me. Of course I asked what the name was… all he said was “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Thomas already posted a picture of the posters, here’s a picture of the flyer.

NO, I’m not going to stick to that name.

But Matthias showing the flyer around during the Oslo sprint had its merits too: I finally know what the Cargo Cult is all about. Phillip, a friend of Henrik, was kind enough to tell us (among lots of other entertaing stories).

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New Category

I started a new category in my blog (which is not aggregated), so

  1. I don’t annoy random Planet readers with names of Drum’n’Bass tracks,
  2. my provider doesn’t kill me for transferring gigabytes of mixtapes 🙂

First Mix

Having heard “You never gave me one of your mixtapes!” from friends once too often, here’s one I made yesterday. I personally think there are quite some things to improve, but as my test audience didn’t spot “any mistakes”, I’m sure I can start putting them online now (as opposed to waiting things to be perfect). Enjoy! 🙂
  1. Electrosoul System – Fun (Blue Saphir 004)
  2. Utah Jazz – Runaway (Liquid V 016)
  3. Redeyes – Double Funk (Bingo 056)
  4. DJ Spice – Boogie Fever (SubBasics 001)
  5. DJ Marky & XRS – Butterfly (Craggz & Parallel Forces Remix) (Innerground 014)
  6. Mathematics – Fools Gold (Social Studies 008)
  7. Mathematics – Jazz (Social Studies 004)
  8. DJ Marky & Bungle – No Time 2 Love (Innerground 015)
  9. Chris Paul & Mia V – Liquid Palm (Under Construction 004)
  10. Total Science feat. MC Conrad – Soul Patrol RMX (CIA 033)
  11. Bebel Gilberto – Aganju (Commix Vocal) (White label)
  12. Wickaman & Hoodlum – Seville (Infrared 001)
  13. Wickaman, Hoodlum & RV – Salsafrica (Spider 007)


Test Post

Let’s see if this doesn’t end up on planets…

Berlin Drum'n'Bass Life Music

Birthday party

I’ll have my birthday on January 16th and since it’s in the middle of the week, I’ll have my party on January the 20th in Berlin’s L.U.X., where I’ll also be playing that night. If you plan to come, please drop me a quick line.

Life Music

Back in Berlin

The time in Vienna was incredible.

It wasn’t exactly quiet, but it was most relaxing to me. Thomas and I stayed with Christina and the girls she shares her flat with for nearly a week. Random things we did:

  • On New Year’s Eve Thomas got a ‘at home’ haircut,
  • I cooked on two evenings (cheese fondue on one evening and duck in red curry on the other). This is something I really missed and greatly enjoyed,
  • I met an old friend I got to know on a train ride some years ago,
  • I bought records: apart from the usual Drum’n’Bass records, I managed to get hold of two Bucovina EPs (I ordered the LPs here in Berlin already) – although we listened to lots of music, this music became my personal Soundtrack of the week,
  • We met up with Peter Liedler, a congenial and very friendly Ubuntu user to eat Vienna’s most famous Schnitzel,
  • We watched Nacktschnecken, a very funny Austrian comedy (where some friends try to shoot a porno movie). I loved the Austrian dialect, but in some moments, I was glad Christina’s DVD player was broken and showed the English subtitles along with the movie,
  • We also watched Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei – which was great too,
  • I also enjoyed the Austrian-German language exchange, unfortunately I can’t show off my Austrian, since most of the words are too dirty for public use,
  • We’ve been kart driving in Vienna’s Prater,
  • and of course we’ve been to Christina’s favourite club – where people high-fived me for wearing an Ubuntu shirt! 😉

We’ve also been hanging around a lot but Christina and her girls made it worth our while. I should have visited her much earlier and I’m sure to get back to Vienna soon again. Fortunately, Mimi and Christina will be in Berlin in early February for the Gotan Project concert.

Update: my brother has hilarious pictures in his blog.

Update: My sister has hilarious pictures too.