Becoming an Ubuntu Developer is easy

The Gibbon will land in just a few days and everybody’s quite excited about it. If you always wanted to get involved in Ubuntu and didn’t know how: this is the perfect time to get started at becoming a MOTU. The Hardy cycle will be all yours

What is MOTU? It’s the “Master Of The Universe” – the team that takes care of the biggest chunk of packages in Ubuntu and the best way to get involved in packaging and making Ubuntu rock even harder.

We’ll have a MOTU Q&A session on Friday, October 12th, at 14:30 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom on

If you always wanted to get involved, here’s the best way to prepare:

MOTU Q&A session

After the success of our last session we should have another session on Friday, maybe 8:00 UTC this time, so we get a different group of people than last time.

Where: #ubuntu-classroom on
When: Fri, Oct 5th, 08:00 UTC
What to bring: Questions

How to prepare? If you haven’t played with packaging tools yet, check out and lists a couple of easy bugs you might want to start on.

Become a MOTU, see you on Friday! 🙂

The Gibbon Is Nearing…

Final Release – We’ve just a few days left.


The Ubuntu Developer are putting all their efforts into testing and fixing bugs wherever they can. If you want to help with that, this is your chance to get involved:

MOTU needs you! Help out and join the team today!

For those who like cooking…

If you always wanted to help out developing Ubuntu we have a great set of recipes to get you started:

The MOTU Recipes contain series of simple steps that will give you a feeling of the development tools you use as a developer every day and will show explain a few concepts that are worth knowing. We had really good feedback on the recipes, so be sure to check them out.

If you have worked on Ubuntu for quite a while already and want to report about things you do regularly, please don’t hesitate and share them at – even if it’s just an initial draft, the MOTU team will help you out to get it right.

Enjoy the cooking… 🙂

The Big Wiki Cleanup

One thing that has been agreed on in the MOTU team for lots of times and something I always wanted to get working on is cleaning up the Ubuntu MOTU Wiki. The MOTU team has grown in size and processes and direction and into lots of interesting ideas since the team was started around three years ago and so has its wiki namespace.

The Ubuntu wiki’s title search finds 222 pages. Lots of them are either

  • redundant
  • out of date
  • unclear
  • or not coherent in any sense.

Emmet Hikory and I propose in this spec how to deal with those pages. Some will get merged into the UbuntuDevelopment pages, some unceremoniously dropped, some made official and better integrated with the rest of the pages. If you see these headers on wiki pages you will know what to do.

The key ideas for the wiki of the future are:

  • MOTU page is a start-off page, which will make it easy to get an overview over what MOTU is and how to get involved.
  • No stale or confusing wiki pages.
  • Development docs merged with UbuntuDevelopment
  • no redundancy

Please do comment on the ideas so we can soon start kicking off Doc Days!

Contributing patches, becoming a MOTU

Becoming an Ubuntu Developer was never easier.

Just start playing around with packaging tools and reading about our starting points. After that you best get in touch with friendly people who’ll help you, when you get stuck somewhere. Then it’s time to get cracking on real-life bugs and problems; we categorized some of them on this page. You’ll surely find something easy.

We finally reviewed our review process for new packages / patches and we have much less latency there now. This overview shows you contributions in three categories: Patches for packages in main, universe and new packages.

Also we’ll have a MOTU Q&A session in #ubuntu-motu on Friday (Aug 24th) at 12:00 UTC. If you have any problems or questions, just join the channel and we’ll help you get going.

To make Ubuntu a better place, start today. 🙂

Celebrating GNOME’s 10th birthday

Happy Birthday GNOME! Thanks for all the goodness you bring to us all the time!

In an attempt to make GNOME even better, we’ll celebrate its birthday properly, we’ll have a Celebratory Hug Day!

So on 22 August 2007, in all timezones, we’ll be meeting in #ubuntu-bugs on for a very special Hug Day. If you’re interested in helping to improve Ubuntu and GNOME, please join us. Feel free to ask pedro, bdmurray, heno and the rest of the team for ways to help out. We hope to see you there and your name on the list of bug triagers!


Finally the days has come… I’ll make the trip I looked forward to for a long time. 🙂

If you see these two

in this vehicle

somewhere on this way

and want to show them your favourite

  • city
  • country
  • bar
  • place to be
  • etc.

please make frantic arm movements from the side of the road.

I won’t be checking my email, so if you have something *really* urgent, let Seb or Michael know, they’ll know how to reach me.

PS: I’ll be back on August, 20th.