What’s been happening in Ignite

First of all: thanks Dennis Marttinen and Lucas Käldström for helping write this up. It’s been only a bit over a month since Weave Ignite was announced to the world (others talked about it as well). Time to catch up on what happened in the meantime, the team around it has been busy. If you’re […]

Accompanying a new generation of developers

The Ubuntu Developer Advisory Team has been in place for two or three release cycles already and it’s been a fun journey so far. We’ve got in touch with many many new contributors and old contributors as well. If you don’t know what this team does, here’s what our wiki page has to say: We […]

Ubuntu coming to more devices near you

What’s been going on? It’s been three weeks since we published the Porting guide for Ubuntu Touch. Since then we have Ubuntu Touch running on 34 devices (in addition to the original four) and work is in progress on 22 more devices. This is pretty amazing! Kudos to everyone involved who built images, rebuilt kernels […]