Snappy Clinic: News from Snapcraft

It’s been a while since our last Snappy Clinic (here’s a link to all videos) and since Ubuntu Online Summit a lot of great things happened in Snapcraft: Summary of changes in Snapcraft 0.5 Summary of¬†changes in Snapcraft 0.6 Among the changes: a nil plugin, support of pip packages, support globs in the copy plugin, […]

Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

The Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day is a really nice tradition and it’s always to think of somebody I could thank (Thanks Ahmed Shams for setting it up in the first place!). Narrowing down my list of thank-yous to just one or two for a blog post is much harder for me. ūüôā First I’d like […]

UOS Session Roundup for Ubuntu Snappy Core

With Ubuntu Online Summit happening 3-5 November, it is really just¬†around the corner. Time to check out the schedule and see what’s planned. UOS is our online planning and show-and-tell event. We use a mix of¬†Hangouts-on-Air, IRC and Etherpad to organise ourselves. It’s a great¬†opportunity to get to know people, have your say and find […]

Another great Ubuntu release to be proud of!

This morning I chatted with Laura Czajkowski and we quickly figured out that wily is our 23rd Ubuntu release. Crazy in a way – 23 releases, who would’ve thought? But on the other hand, Ubuntu is a constant evolution of great stuff becoming even better. Even after 11 years of Ubuntu I can still easily […]

Snappy Clinic: using snapcraft to ship software

As announced earlier, we had a¬†Ubuntu Snappy Core Clinic yesterday and we had a great time. Sergio Schvezov, Ted Gould¬†and I talked about snapcraft in general, what’s new in the 0.3 release and showed off a couple of examples how to package software for Ubuntu Snappy Core. As you can see in the video, none […]

Nominations for CC election are still open

I guess most of you saw the post on Fridge¬†or the post on the Community team mailing list:¬†Nominations for the Community Council are still open until Friday, 16th October. We already received a number of good nominations so far, but I thought it’d be good to try to convince a few more of you to […]

The future of shipping software is coming together

I have some very exciting news, but wanted to share some thoughts I had earlier today. Since I¬†joined¬†the Ubuntu community I’ve always had to do with people who want to ship their software in Ubuntu and as I’m a generally excitable guy I always thought “finally, it became so much easier – we’re there”! Over […]

Tomorrow is a special anniversary

Tomorrow is a special anniversary: 2005-09-05 I joined Canonical – that’s right: It’s going to be a decade. A lot of what we as Ubuntu Community experienced and went through I wrote up some time ago¬†and it’s well-documented in blog posts, articles, LoCo event reports and pictures from Ubuntu Allhands events, so don’t expect any […]