Taking a break

It’s a bit strange to write this blog post in the same week as Martin Pitt is announcing moving on from Canonical. I remember many moments of Martin’s post very vividly and he was one of the first I ran into on my flight to Sydney for Ubuntu Down Under in 2005.

Fast forward to today: 2016 was a year full of change – my personal life was no exception there. In the last weeks I had to realise more and more that I need a long break from everything. I therefore decided to move on from Canonical, take some time off, wander the world, recharge my batteries, come back and surprise you all with what’s next.

I’m very much leaving on good terms and I could imagine I won’t be too far away (I’d miss all you great people who became good friends way too much). Having been with Canonical for 11 years and 12 years in the Ubuntu community, it has been an incredibly hard decision to take. Still it’s necessary now and it’ll be good open myself up again to new challenges, new ways of working and new sets of problems.

It was a great privilege to work with you all and be able to add my humble contribution to this crazy undertaking called Ubuntu. I’m extremely grateful for the great moments with you all, the opportunities to learn, your guidance, the friends I made around the world, the laughs, the discussions, the excellent work we did together. This was a very important time of my life.

In the coming weeks I will be without internet, I haven’t quite decided yet, which part of the world I’m going to go to, but maybe I’ll post a picture or two somewhere. 🙂

I also haven’t lined up a new job yet (it’s a question many already asked me). If you have crazy new ideas of what I should work on next, I’m obviously all ears. Drop me a comment or drop me a mail, just note that I might be unresponsive for some time as I’m going to sit on top of a mountain, get lost in the jungle or the desert somewhere.

(My last day at Canonical is Dec 15, so if you have anything to sort out and discuss, let me know and we’ll figure it out.)

  • Erica Brescia

    Come and visit us in San Francisco!!! Best wishes for your time off. Whichever company you join next will be very lucky to have you!

  • Jane

    Let me know if you end up in Cape Town – I can offer a visit, drink/coffee, or even a couch for a night or 2. All the best. You were always one of the friendliest and nicest people at Canonical and I really valued and appreciated that. I know many others did too. Go rest, relax, have fun and find your joy!

  • Charles Profitt


    It was a great pleasure to work with you on Ubuntu related things over the years. I truly appreciate the need to recharge the batteries by stepping back and taking a look at life. I am happy that you have the freedom and opportunity to do that.

    I consider myself lucky to have met you in person. You often serve me as an example of how I would like to act. You always put your best most polite foot forward when entering in to difficult discussions. I always felt you tried to see from all perspectives and then worked to navigate to a mutually beneficial solution for all parties.

    Not many people make treks through Rochester, NY… but if you find yourself passing through please drop a line so I can offer you a place to crash or at the very least meet for beer.

  • Oh! I’ve been wanting to meet you in person for several years and finally in Ubucon I confirmed the great person that you are 🙂
    Good luck on the new road you take! A big hug!

  • Jamie Pietarinen

    Good luck! It is good to detach and recharge the batteries. I’ll miss your ubuntu on air sessions

  • Ahmed Kamal

    If you’re crazy enough to come to my part of the world, I’ll try to make it less crazy heh

  • Jono Bacon

    Daniel, you have been an inspiration both within the wider Ubuntu community and at Canonical. An incredible body of work, and a sense of spirit and perspective that I always cherished when we worked together. I know you will be missed, but I also know you will never be far away (at least, not when on a mountains somewhere!)

    A testament to how well loved you have been was the immortal flashhug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jzGIaZcGcM

    Whatever you do next, I know you will rock it, as usual. All the best, my friend!

  • I don’t remember if I’ve ever talked to you directly but I have seen your name around the community many times and I know I have benefited from your work.

    Thank you for everything and enjoy your time.

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  • jerdogxda

    You will be missed Daniel, and I appreciate all you have done in the community. Good luck on your travels and recharging your batteries and I look forward to seeing what exciting new things you get into

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