November 20, 2015

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Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

UCADay-64px The Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day is a really nice tradition and it’s always to think of somebody I could thank (Thanks Ahmed Shams for setting it up in the first place!). Narrowing down my list of thank-yous to just one or two for a blog post is much harder for me. :-)

First I’d like to thank Elizabeth Krumbach. Liz has been all over the place in the Ubuntu world for ages and has helped out in many many forms. She does all this on top of a demanding full-time job, speaker engagements, involvement in other communities and much more. I really liked working with her on the Community Council where she stayed calm even when the CC was under pressure. She stayed focused and her main goal was always to get the best out of the situation for everyone. Liz remained committed to helping people, no matter how busy she was and how trivial their request was - she sets a true example. Thanks a lot Liz!

I’d also like to thank Sergio Schvezov. I’ve worked together with him on phone bits and snappy and snapcraft things as well and I’m always amazed by how many balls he keeps in the air, how thoughtful he his, while staying pragmatic and staying cheerful. With him working on snapcraft, I have no doubt that the next generation of software maintainers in Snappy land will have a great time. Thanks a lot Sergio!

There are many more to thank, you all, the Ubuntu Community, make it very easy to still be part of this fantastic group of individuals and look forward to more! Big hugs everyone! :-)

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