Yet another Ubuntu Online Summit (UOS) is ahead of us. It’s going to happen from 12-14 November. Participation is open to everyone, so to attend simply:

If you still need to get a session on the schedule to discuss a topic related to your field, create the session soon!

What I love about the Ubuntu Online Summit is that people get together, invite some fresh sets of eyes and brains and figure out together where Ubuntu is going. The sessions are also not too long (1h), so you are forced to come conclusions (and work items!) quickly.

Sessions I’m particularly looking forward to are:

  • 12 Nov
    • 15 UTC - Community Roundtable
    • 15 UTC - Testing Unity 8 Desktop
    • 16 UTC - App/Scope development training events
    • 18 UTC - Community events in Vivid cycle
    • 19 UTC - More appdev/scope code examples
  • 13 Nov
    • 16 UTC - Community Council Feedback
    • 16 UTC - Porting Apps To Ubuntu
    • 18 UTC - Ubuntu Women Vivid Goals
    • 19 UTC - Ubuntu Community Q&A
  • 14 Nov
    • 14 UTC - Transparency and participation
    • 15 UTC - Promoting the Ubuntu phone in LoCos
    • 16 UTC - LoCo Team Activity Review
    • 18 UTC - Ubuntu Touch Component Store

Please note: session times might still be changed, so keep an eye on the schedule. (Also: there’s lots more good stuff!)

Looking forward to seeing you all there! :-D