May 13, 2013

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Our Community Website

I blogged about the progress on our community website a while ago and we’re getting closer. A few community members helped on getting the content for the site ready. Here I’d like to take the time and thank all of them - they are all not the kind of person who end up in long arguments, but those who see that a task is important, ask what needs to get done and get right to it. A big kudos to all of you!

The first stage of the work is largely done. Michael Hall set up a wordpress test instance here where we put all the updated content, which is a great achievement already. It’s not only up to date, but also much more welcoming and friendly. The Canonical Web team should help us update the style to match the new site.

What we need now is to get a few eyes over the test instance, so we can make sure all the content is accurate and makes sense. Any help is appreciated. Please just leave a comment on the blog post and we’ll take care of it.

Once we’re happy with the content, we will ask for the site to be put up in a more official place and then ask for redirects and links to be placed into all the right spots.

Thanks everyone. Let’s make the new community website happen together! :)

(There’s also a session at the next UDS about this. Make sure you attend if you want to get involved.)

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