April 18, 2013

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Ubuntu Development - live!

These are very exciting times for Ubuntu. In so many parts of our community so many awesome things are happening every day and it’s great that many talk about it so you can get a sense of what’s happening.

We’ve been doing Ubuntu Development hangouts for a while now, but in last few weeks the pace increased even more. If you have missed some of the hangouts, have a look at the Ubuntu On Air youtube channel (better yet subscribe to it) to get an idea of what happened recently, what’s planned and where you can get involved. Here’s some recent examples:

Of course there’s many many more.

Today (2013-04-18) we are going to have some more special people talking to us, so make sure you’re going to be there, at ubuntuonair.com!

  • At 13:30 UTC we are going to have Loïc Minier, Seth Forshee, Thomas Voß, Michael Frey, Ricardo Salveti, Alex Chiang, Martin Pitt, Tony Espy and Matthew Fischer on the channel, who will discuss some of the main choices around how and where power management will happen (kernel driver model; supporting Android and mainline kernels, indicators and service daemons vs. power manager daemon)
  • At 16:00 UTC Robert Park and Ken vanDine will talk us through the friends-app and its API.

I’m very much looking forward to both!

You can help!

I’m looking for a co-presenter, who knows a bit about Ubuntu Development, who can help hosting some of the sessions. Bonus points if you live in a different timezone (I’m in CET right now), so we can more easily cover different times.

Thanks a lot to José Antonio Rey who helps a lot with keeping Ubuntu On Air in shape!

If you have something you’d like to talk about (roughly in the area of Ubuntu Development), please let me know as well!

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