April 17, 2013

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Community on ubuntu.com

Community on ubuntu.com

The Design team recently updated the look of ubuntu.com and I think it looks great.

In the announcement of the redesign they actually explained what led to the changes and it’s a nice read.

Some noticed that the link to the Community page is missing in the navigation bar, and Inayaili León responded to it:

We understand your concerns. The Community link is present in the footer section of the site.

We know that work is on its way to create a more vibrant and useful community site, and the web and design teams are also helping out with that.

One of the things mentioned in the post is that we’re still working on improvements to the navigation not just within ubuntu.com but across the entire ubuntu web universe, of which Community is surely an important part. Hopefully this will bring higher visibility to other sites when someone visits ubuntu.com.

We need, however, to divide work in smaller chunks, as I’m sure you understand, keeping the bigger goals in mind, so we should see this as a first step, which we can iterate on and evolve and be positive about the process.

So at last UDS we had a discussion about how we want to make this work and you can see the planning and stand of things over here. Since some of the members of the team got busy with other things, it’d be GREAT if anyone of you could help out with this. It’s very likely just going to be a set of small tasks, so any help would be much appreciated.

Let’s make the new Community page fantastic and invite many many new people!

If you’re interested, please leave a comment or contact me as usual.

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