March 13, 2013

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Ubuntu coming to more devices near you

Ubuntu coming to more devices near you

What’s been going on?

It’s been three weeks since we published the Porting guide for Ubuntu Touch. Since then we have Ubuntu Touch running on 34 devices (in addition to the original four) and work is in progress on 22 more devices. This is pretty amazing! Kudos to everyone involved who built images, rebuilt kernels and probably flashed their devices a hundred and two times in the process. You can see the an overview over what’s happening on the Touch devices list.

These are super exciting times for Ubuntu as a project. While everybody’s working hard porting Ubuntu Touch from quantal over to raring and daily images are produced from automatically tested and landed code another group of people enables Ubuntu Touch on new devices while yet another group of people is busy writing apps for it. This is epic teamwork! :-)

What you can do?

Easy… if you have phone or tablet you can port Ubuntu Touch, check out our porting guide and ask on the mailing list if you get stuck.

If your device is listed on the devices table, and you’re comfortable backing up your device and flashing it, try it and let us know on the mailing list how it works.

If you’re into writing apps and building awesome stuff for Ubuntu Touch, you’re lucky, because we have a great event lined up for you. Thursday and Friday, 14+15 March, we will have the Ubuntu SDK Days. Just check the timetable and make sure you’re there. We’ll have Ubuntu Touch app authors and some of the Ubuntu SDK maintainers who will delighted to see you, your friends and your questions in the sessions!

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