Спасибо всем!

If you track the Packaging Guide page very closely, you will have noticed it already. We have the main piece of Ubuntu Development instructions available in

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian

now, which is just fantastic. Months of hard work were translated and some small issues sorted out by the unstoppable Dmitry Shachnev. Without his outstanding help, in translations, the guide itself, in Debian and upstream, this wouldn’t have been possible.

But also a giant “Спасибо всем!” to everybody in the Russian translator community. The Packaging Guide is not easy to translate, but still you managed to get your translations completion over 70%, which is what we require for getting the translations online.

You can help!

If you speak a language other than English, you can help. Go to the Translation page of the Packaging Guide and translate. Taking a leaf out of Dmitry’s book, I pledged to try and translate one page of German strings per day and maybe you can do the same for your language. Here’s how things stand right now:

Accepted translations:

  • Spanish (99%)
  • Russian (79%)

Translations which need more work:

  • Brazilian Portuguese (46%)
  • German (15%)
  • Japanese (14%)
  • French (7%)
  • Indonesian (5%)
  • Dutch (2%)

Translations which just were started: Italian, Telugu, Australian English, Vietnamese, Macedonian, Swedish, Turkish, Latvian, traditional Chinese, Chinese (Hong Kong), Slovenian, Hungarian, Catalan.

If you can, please do help out with this effort. You’ll enable people speaking your language to help out with Ubuntu and maybe you’ll get interested in Ubuntu development yourself.

Thanks again everyone. This is just awesome! :-)

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