December 13, 2012

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Live from the Automated Testing Hackfest

Today is the first in a row of Automated Testing Hackfests for Ubuntu in the 13.04 cycle. The QA team is already busy, fixing, improving and adding test cases for all kinds of packages in Ubuntu.

If you have a bit of background in programming you can easily get involved. Just join us in #ubuntu-quality and ask all the questions you have. Everybody’s super-friendly and knows their stuff. We have documentation and a list of tests we want to look into, but if you have your own packages you want to take care of, that’s fine as well. Just have a look at the wiki page to find out how to get started.

At 12:00 UTC Martin Pitt will give a demo of autopkgtest and how to use it. So make sure you join in and let Martin help you get cracking on making Ubuntu the best-tested collection of software out there.

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