13.04 progress

We are on the road towards 13.04 where the Raring Ringtail will be released on April 25th. Until then we still have some time, but everybody has made great progress in the last few weeks. The time after UDS is usually the busiest, where people massage the discussions at the conference into specifications and blueprints, but also get busy on figuring out what might and what might not work for the Ringtail.

Here’s a list of great things which happened in the last few weeks in areas I had to do with:

  • The team working on the Nexus7 is very close to releasing a first ‘raring’ image for the Nexus7. This will make life for everyone a lot easier. We will be in a position, where we can immediately see which changes improve the experience and where things need fixing. The current blockers for this is mostly just a nux fix. Some other small pieces of breakage are under investigation as well. (Matt Fischer let us know that the installation problem regarding the “32Gb Nexus7 with 3g” will also be fixed by this image.) The team also kicked off work to get the memory consumption on the Nexus (and in general) under control. Alex Chiang blogged instructions to help out with identifying issues in there. (You don’t need a Nexus device for this.) If you want to learn something new and very useful, please read the article since not only the Nexus 7 but Ubuntu on all platforms will benefit from this work. Matt Fischer also blogged a nice overview over the kinds of bugs which were filed on Ubuntu on the Nexus 7.
  • Automated Testing in Ubuntu has seen a huge boost in this cycle already. People following the raring-changes list closely will have seen numerous uploads across many parts of Ubuntu adding or improving tests. Autopilot is also getting closer to generally being usable for Desktop-related testing. We improved our documentation for writing autopkgtest tests to better align with our improved tools. Also go and do read Martin Pitt’s updates to get an idea of how automated tests are used in Ubuntu. Awesome.
  • New contributors should have a much easier time to get involved in Ubuntu Development this cycle. Harvest now lists ‘lintian-easy’ and ‘lintian-very-easy’ opportunities which should be great to get involved. We will soon deliver the Packaging Guide in Spanish as well. We started the planning for Ubuntu Developer Week (January 29th-31st 2013). Last but not least: we are going to have many exciting Ubuntu Development Hangouts on UbuntuOnAir and will invite many developers who talk about what’s going into the Raring Ringtail.

Speaking of which: the dates and times for these hangouts are

  • Tuesdays at 16:00 UTC and
  • Thursdays 9:00 UTC.

This cycle is going to be exciting and you can be part of it! :-)


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2012-11-27 16:20 +0100

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