July 3, 2012

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Making better apps possible

We’re on day 2 of our apps sprint and made loads of progress. It has been a lot of fun to be in the midst of all this activity, so here goes just a quick list of things we worked on:

  • A number of bugs were fixed in arb-lint, the tool we use to check apps. It learned where we expect files to be put in /opt and we added some examples how to fix some of the issues. Find still outstanding bugs here.
  • Some smaller issues we found in the packaging were related to bugs in python-distutils-extra, which were fixed in the meantime, so we will try to backport it to precise.
  • We noticed some funny problems with apport hooks in apps, so we investigated the issue and filed these two bugs.
  • Allison set up a Trello board and many apps were reviewed. Thanks a lot to Bhavani Shankar, Allison Randal, Andrew Mitchell, Jonathan Carter and Paolo Rotolo.

What I liked most was how everybody who worked on some part of the apps story hung out together and cooperated on issues, so future generations of apps will have a much easier time.

Thanks a lot to Paolo Rotolo who joined the effort and just jumped in to fix issues in apps. Awesome! :-)

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