Ubuntu Development: answering ALL your questions

As part of our Fix-It Fridays we saw many many new faces joining the #ubuntu-motu IRC channel which always has many helpful developers who are there to answer questions and help if you should get stuck. Still it seems like some feel uncomfortable asking questions or getting their feet wet in this forum.

After some discussion we thought it might make sense to have an additional low-key event where you can show up, get to know everyone and ask whatever you have on your mind. With Google+ Hangouts becoming more and more popular, we will offer a couple of hangouts tomorrow where you can get easily involved and in touch with us.

Daniel hanging out

Building up to this week’s Fix-It Friday, we will be there for you tomorrow, 8th March 2012 at:

in the ‘ubuntu-dev’ hangout.

We are looking forward to seeing you there to give you a warm welcome to our Ubuntu development community. To get an idea of how things work, you might want to check out the first few articles of our Ubuntu Development Guide.

  • Philipp Gassmann

    I like that idea. I think there should also be a place where people can tell someone, what skills they bring or in which issue they want to help and get assistance so their motivation and specific skills are transformed in actual improvements. Most people are not aware of all the parts of the Ubuntu ecosystem.

    E.g. I’d like to help improving support for my hardware. like working headphone jack detection > muting speakers. Which person can make use of my motivation to test fixes and try configuration.

    • dholbach

       Usually if you join IRC, you will find somebody really easily who can direct you to a person or team specialised in whatever you’re interested in. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams also might help find your way.

    • dholbach

       Also, if you’re serious about headphone jack detection, I’d recommend getting in touch with “diwic” on IRC. #ubuntu-devel on irc.freenode.net should be a good place to get hold of him.

  • chilicuil

    jajaja, what a funny picture, I’d like to put my hands over u }=), nice idea, I’ll be there, in addition, I think international teams could be more involved to help translating questions/answers

    • dholbach

        Sure, a more diverse community is always what we want! 🙂

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  • edu ard

    I am under 18 🙁 :  ‘
    Aww…Hangouts with extras does not support your account.

  • Nivin

    how to install a nagios in ubuntu