A few days ago I read the mail from Iain Lane on ubuntu-devel-announce, which announced that ‘syncpackage’ is now able to directly perform syncs for you (if you have sufficient upload rights), without having to get the sync through the archive admin queue first. Great work to everyone involved, both in the Launchpad and the ubuntu-dev-tools team. Awesome!

Of course I had to try it: I had a look at the sponsoring queue, picked a sync request for projectm (among others), reviewed it, test-built it and finally ran:

syncpackage -d unstable -b 916955 -s ximion -v projectm

Here’s what the parameters mean:

  • -d unstable: sync from Debian unstable
  • -b 916955: close the Launchpad bug with number 916955 during the process
  • -s ximion: sponsor upload for Launchpad user ‘ximion’
  • -v: verbose output please
  • projectm: package we’d like to sync

The whole thing worked flawlessly. Great work everyone!