November 9, 2011

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Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

Ahmed Shams and others have put together a fantastic idea! Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day. Ubuntu is not only an operating system, but also a community full of awesome people, who want to make the world a better place.

Sometimes a little thanks is all it takes to make somebody’s day, to bring us closer together and show that you care. It’s important for us to remember that Ubuntu is put together by people. People who care a lot and put hours and hours of work into this.

From this year on, we want to celebrate and appreciate everybody’s hard work on 20th November. What you can do? It’s simple: just go and thank somebody. Whichever medium choose to do that, just do it! (The UCADay wiki page lists more ideas how to do it.)

Thanks a bunch for putting this great idea together and thanks to everybody for their support! BIG HUGS!

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