Meeting your Ubuntu friends elsewhere

It’s just great how easily you can make friends in the Ubuntu world. When I first entered the IRC channels, it took me a few minutes to get to know people, some of them I’m still in touch with, even 7 years later.

The belief that we can make the world a better place together and the excitement about what we’re doing clearly bonds us together. Over the years, I met many of my Ubuntu friends in other places, was it at conferences, holidays or elsewhere - it was always big fun. Even if you can’t travel, the good thing is that there is loads of additional Ubuntu-unrelated places (like social networks, etc.) where you can easily get in touch and keep up with what’s happening in their part of the world.

Yesterday I set up to make it easier to spot where all your Ubuntu friends are hanging out elsewhere. Please feel free add your team or group to it.


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2011-10-14 10:28 +0200

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