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You don’t see me blogging about things outside the Ubuntu world very often. OK, an occasional mixtape every now and then or some holiday pictures, but I generally try to stay away from topics such as politics or things that happen in the world elsewhere. This is not because I don’t care or don’t have an opinion – it’s quite the opposite. I just prefer to not get drawn into huge arguments about who’s right and I try to avoid writing about and singling out particular events and miss to mention others.

By now most of you will have heard about the horrible events in Oslo. As my girlfriend is from Norway, I paid even more attention to the news. The reason I’m writing about this is that among all the usual suspicions and noise in the news a few people stood out and truly impressed me.

We will stand by our democracy. The answer to violence is more democracy, more humanity.

Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian PM

I don’t think security can solve problems. We need to teach greater respect.”

Oslo Mayor Stang when asked whether Oslo needs greater security

We had been discussing on the island, how to tackle extremism and racism. We will continue this.

Youth leader who escaped Utøya

If you haven’t read much about Oslo and Utøya in the last days, read these two chilling first-hand accounts of people who survived Utøya: from Khamshajiny Gunaratnam and Debian contributor Tore Sinding Bekkedal.

After all of this, it would have been very much understandable to show any signs of knee-jerk reactions. The people I mentioned above reacted remarkably to the situation. It’s very inspiring how they chose to stand with their humanitarian values. It’s unfortunately very uncommon nowadays, especially for politicians, who in situations like this are under a lot of pressure. These leaders have my deep respect for choosing to do otherwise.

  • Henrik

    Well written, thank you. I hope the society is able to follow through with more democracy, more openess and more constructive international involvement. If anything should be tightened it should be gun control and access to powerful chemicals so the population can continue to feel and be safe without increasing police powers or surveilance.

  • Daniel,

    this has definetelly taught the world that fighting violence is not an option, It is about teaching love and respect. Great Read

  • anynomous

    Hi Daniel,

    Nice post. Now I’ll come straight and won’t be hiding in someone else opinions. And if I sound like “I know better than you” type, then forgive me.

    The thing is that I “follow” David Icke, not on everything that he says but as he’s being for years this is the “preparation” for the upcoming third world war. “They” just can’t start a war unless they can blame it on “us”… it should come from the “people”… the people should say “Oi! let’s fight the Indians/Pakistanis/Arabs, etc”, this is pure manipulation.

    Although we just can’t blame “them” for all this because they do understand how the mind works I mean I do feel jealous and angry toward others sometimes. So can’t just put it all on “them”

    And its really funny that most of the people who “win” the Nobel price are the ones behind wars and corruption. But as you’ve quoted (not sure about the Norwegian PM really mean that, don’t think so…) but yes it’s better to live like a human rather than an animal. But each and everyday I just wonder about human nature. Are we really selfish and bad or are all about love?? is there a way out of all this mess??? Shi* :/, every time I just end up confused …

    • David Icke?! Seek help. Seriously.

      • anonymous


        Well yup I will :D… I mean I could be dead-wrong… but as said I’m just confused. Anyway you have an interesting read on Qt on your blog though.

  • Ian

    Thanks for these. I hadn’t come across them.  I have prepared a couple of posts and am glad to link to yours.
    As you say, most remarkable responses to violence; especially violence personally experienced.  Almost unheard of among leaders anywhere.

  • Jonathan Carter

    Wow, great quotes. Very refreshing. Thanks!

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