Your chance to get involved!

Barry just spilled the beans about it: we are going to have a dh_python2 porting jam on 23rd June. Here’s what he says:

This Thursday, June 23rd, we are going to have a dh_python2 porting jam. If you know about packaging, and have meddled with Python packaging before, we invite you to hang out and port a load of packages with us.

We have some documentation to explain better what exactly we’re going to be doing, and why:

You are of course welcome to start working on these, fixing them and getting them included in Ubuntu, but if you wait for the 23rd, we will offer this for you:

  • IRC Training sessions in #ubuntu-pyjam at 1300 and 1800 UTC
  • Lots of fun and good atmosphere
  • Reviewers who can check and upload your code for you. (In addition to

our regular patch pilots we will have additional people to make sure all merge requests are tended to.)

If this sounds great to you, make sure pencil in this Thursday, June 23rd into your calendar and just show up in #ubuntu-pyjam on

Just to make it clear: you will need a bit of packaging experience to get involved, but hanging out in the channel and working your way through these guides (Intro, Get Set Up, Fix bugs) should be a very good start.

Thanks a lot Barry for organising this - this will be awesome! :-)


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2011-06-21 19:04 +0200

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