Shutting down the sounder mailing list

The Community Council has regularly been made aware of recurring problems on the sounder list. In the last few months, the tone and atmosphere doesn’t match any other Ubuntu mailing lists or IRC channels – including #ubuntu-offtopic. At one point, Mark reached out to remind everyone how we want to communicate with each other. Still debates kept getting out of hand and were mostly wildly unrelated to Ubuntu. Alan reached out again and made clear that the list had long moved away from its initial focus and welcoming atmosphere. No solutions for the problem were brought up in the list discussion or in the Community Council meeting.

In the meeting on April 19th the CC decided to shut down the Sounder mailing list. In essence, this is a decision to prune areas of the project which are off-topic or ungoverned, on the basis that they distract from our shared community focus on the goal of delivering free software in the best possible state, on particular terms (free of charge, cadence). While we appreciate that the Sounder list (and possibly other, similar forums) provide a particular social release for those who use them, we think there are better forums for each of the varied topics discussed there. Some of those are inside the project, most are elsewhere.

Thanks for all the fun moments on the list, see you elsewhere.

  • Fabian Rodriguez

    Thanks for sharing these news, Daniel. If anyone’s interested, the full archives are at: .

  • Manish Sinha

    My experiences
    My experience with sounders has been pretty bad. It is full of personal-opinion being crafted as facts and people diverting topics and blaming others.

    After reading the sounders archives now, I am very happy that it is being closed. The number of arrogant people are huge. They have no clue what they are speaking and talk without cross-verifying the facts.

    Some arrogant quotes
    – As is Alan, but his job is at Canonical.
    – Be careful Alan, your other face is showing.
    – If Sounder closes, I suggest flooding Canonical with emails

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  • Samuel

    This is a hilarious post. Here are the facts.

    1) Mark’s last “outreach” was 2 years ago.
    2) Alan’s “outreach” was to put closure of the list on the CC agenda.
    3) Nobody ever actually clarified the direction the list should be taking
    4) While there were some wild threads, the vast majority of the threads were topical (going by the mailman description which appears to not be adequate for the CC voters)
    5) solutions WERE proposed on the list, and would have been proposed at the CC meeting had I not been misled to think it was happening two weeks later.

    “- Be careful Alan, your other face is showing.”

    Which was in reference to Alan misleading the list multiple times regarding the scheduled time of the vote– AFTER the vote took place.

    But you’ve crafted a nice spin which makes it look like the closure of the list was due and totally handled fairly and according to procedure. Well done.

  • Samuel

    The new home for sounder’s refugees is at if anyone is interested

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