It’s a shame, I know, but unfortunately it’s true: Ubuntu Developer Week is almost over. We rushed through 4 days in no time now and today is the last day.

If you couldn’t make it yesterday, don’t despair: we have logs and here’s the quick summary of what happened:

  1. Integrating your package with Launchpad Translations: David Planella kicked off the day and gave a sterling session on getting most out of Launchpad’s Translations goodness in a pain-free and fun way.
  2. Getting Started with Unity 2D: We started with 5 minutes delay, but the session was entirely worth the waiting time. Florian Boucault gave a great session explaining the foundations of Unity 2D, the plans and how to get involved.
  3. Q+A with Ubuntu Engineering Director: A super interesting session with everyone’s favourite Rick Spencer. Rick got quite a bunch of good questions, so check out the log and find out what Rick does and how things work out in Ubuntu development.
  4. Getting your app into Ubuntu (Post-release): Stéphane Graber is a member of the Application Review Board (ARB) and so he was in the perfect position to explain how the process works, what the requirements are and how to bring fun apps to Ubuntu.
  5. Good stuff in ubuntu-dev-tools: Benjamin Drung did an awesome job explaining our favourite toolset and the gems hidden in it. Check out the log, make good use of them and maybe you want to add your own tools to it? :)

As I said above: today is the last day and it’s action-packed. Let’s see what’s going on today:

  • 16:00 UTC: Getting better bug reports – nigelb and bdmurray: Developers will get to know about getting quality bug reports by writing apport hooks for applications so that basic information will always be collected

  • 17:00 UTC: Introducing boto EC2 Cloud API – kim0: Learn Amazon cloud 101, how to run and control cloud instances of Ubuntu server from python

  • 18:00 UTC: Introduction to Django Development – lukasz: Short introduction to creating web applications using Django framework.

  • 19:00 UTC: Getting started with daily builds in Launchpad – Quintasan: Michał Zając will introduce you to Recipe magic in Launchpad, working pbuilder and Launchpad account is more than welcome

  • 20:00 UTC: Project Lightning Talks: 5 minutes each to introduce your project

    • Stéphane Graber, arkose (desktop application sandboxing)

    • Keimpe de Jong (UndiFineD), SpeechControl (an accessibility program to control computer, by voice and other input types)

    • Dustin Kirkland, Bikeshed (All those handy scripts)

    • Alan Bell, Meetingology a new meeting and minute taking IRC bot

    • Michael Hall, XDG Launcher (XDG-Menu panel)

    • Jason Gerard DeRose, Distributed Media Library (aka dmedia)

    • Michal Zajac, Philip Muškovac and Rohan Garg, Project Neon, a.k.a daily builds of KDE and related