We’re deep into **Ubuntu Developer Week **now. 15 sessions have already happened, 10 are still to come. I don’t know about you, but I had a fantastic time up until now.

Let’s zip through yesterday and see what happened:

  1. TestDrive: First of the day was Andres Rodriguez who talked about TestDrive and how to make use of it for testing and toying around with various Ubuntu (and other Linuxes’) releases. Andres also tried to settle the question where Pisco was originally invented.
  2. LoCo Directory Hacking: An awesome session delivered by Michael Hall about loco.ubuntu.com and how it is developed. If you are into web development, would like to see more LoCos use the service, check out the logs and get involved.
  3. Ubuntu ARM and the OMAP4 images: Next up was Oliver Grawert who gave a great introduction into what’s happening in ARM land right now and how Ubuntu developers are putting great work into porting everything necessary. His classy answer to the question of “arm?” was “yes :)”.
  4. Developing IRC bots: Terence Simpson gave a session about IRC bots, how they are used, how to implement a bot, etc. A really insightful and interesting session. Also he actively contradicted me: it seems he didn’t start hacking on IRC bots when he was 5, probably closer to 6. :-)
  5. Rocking out with libunity: Mikkel Kampstrup had the last session of the day and gave a well-structured and nicely prepared session, explaining how to interact with Unity, add places and integrate with the launcher. Super interesting stuff. I hope people make great use of it soon.

Today is day 4, let’s see what it has in store for us today.

  1. 16:00 UTC: Integrating your package with Launchpad Translations: First session of the day is lead by David Planella who will explain how to make hook up with Launchpad and make use of all the juicy translations your translator community provides.
  2. 17:00 UTC: Getting Started with Unity 2D: Florian Boucault is up next and will talk about the 2D version of Unity, written using Qt. An excellent project to get involved with. If you’re into Qt, make sure you’re there.
  3. 18:00 UTC: Q+A with Ubuntu Engineering Director: Rick Spencer will run a question and answer session about the Ubuntu Platform, what’s happening and what future plans might be. Come in masses, bring your questions!
  4. 19:00 UTC: Getting your app into Ubuntu (Post-release): Stéphane Graber will lead a super-interesting session about the App Review board and how to get applications into Ubuntu post release.
  5. 20:00 UTC: Good stuff in ubuntu-dev-tools: Did you ever find yourself in the situation where somebody tells you about a tool that exactly does what you need and you just had never heard of it before? Prepare for a session of constant “A-Ha moments”. Benjamin Drung will show you what you can find in ubuntu-dev-tools.

Excellent line-up, I’d say: let’s get cracking!