UDW: Day 2 over, day 3 to come

Time flies when you’re having fun, eh? With day 2 of Ubuntu Developer Week over, we’re all patiently (or less patiently) awaiting what day 3 brings.

Let’s see what happened yesterday:

  1. How to write a compiz plugin: Sam Spilsbury gave an excellent session about compiz and its plugin structure. Everything you need to get going to write your own plugin was explained nicely. If you want to bring more bling to Ubuntu, go ahead and check out the log, it also contains links to additional docs.
  2. How Stable Release Updates work: Next up was the unstoppable Jean-Baptiste Lallement, who gave a great overview over how the Stable Release Updates (SRU) process works, how to avoid problems and how to fix bugs for millions of users out there.
  3. The Ubuntu One App Developer Programme: Stuart Langridge brought us up to speed on what’s happening in the Ubuntu One world and how easily you can hook up your app with the cloud. It was a really exciting session with loads of ideas kicking around, putting pepperoni on top of a pizza definitely being the most boring one. :-)
  4. Rocking with Zeitgeist: Manish Sinha and Seif Lotfy gave a great session about using Zeitgeist and how to bring more fun to the world of apps and giving a user a better way of finding out what’s going on. Awesome.
  5. Getting your fixes into Debian, how to make community happy: Gerfried Fuchs was up last and alone in this session, as Nigel unfortunately couldn’t make it. Still the session was totally worth reading as it was full of information about how Ubuntu and Debian collaborate and how they are slightly different.

Thanks again to all the speakers and helpers. Without you this would have been impossible to pull off.

Day 3 is just a few minutes away and it will be great, here’s why:

  1. 16:00 UTC: TestDrive: Andres Rodriguez will show you how to most easily try out, manage and keep different Ubuntu releases running. This is most friendly and safe way to test things and play around without ruining your system.
  2. 17:00 UTC: LoCo Directory Hacking: Michael Hall and Chris Johnston are up next and will talk about loco.ubuntu.com, how it is developed, how to get involved and what’s planned next. Great!
  3. 18:00 UTC: Ubuntu ARM and the OMAP4 images: The unstoppable Oliver Grawert will introduce you to the world of ARM and OMAP4. Get an idea of what’s cooking there and what to expect soon.
  4. 19:00 UTC: Developing IRC bots: Terence Simpson probably started hacking IRC bots when he was 5 years old. We won’t know until we ask his parents, but one thing’s for sure: this session will be very interesting if you every had cravings to create or extend IRC bots.
  5. 20:00 UTC: Rocking out with libunity: The last of today’s sessions is brought to you by Mikkel Kampstrup. This one is going to be fantastic and Mikkel told me, there’ll be a surprise in there. Be sure you hear it first hand!

Awesome! Enjoy Day 3 of Ubuntu Developer Week!


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2011-03-02 15:39 +0100

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