March 1, 2011

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UDW: Day 1 over, day 2 to come

UDW: Day 1 over, day 2 to come

I simply love Ubuntu Developer Weeks. They’re sometimes a tad hectic, but they’re just so full of energy, it’s awesome! Yesterday we had 320+ people attending, which is fantastic. Thanks to everyone for bringing so much fun to the sessions and thanks to all the speakers and helpers. You all ROCK!

For those of you who couldn’t be around yesterday, we put up logs on the Ubuntu Developer Week page. Here’s a quick re-cap of what happened yesterday:

  1. Getting Started with Ubuntu Development: I was lucky enough to take the first two sessions and do a quick introduction to Ubuntu development and help everyone to get set up. I was amazed by all the great questions and the fun that people seemed to be having. It was just fantastic.
  2. Introduction to Ubuntu Distributed Development (UDD): Next up was the rocking and unstoppable Barry Warsaw who did a action-packed session that explained how we use Bazaar and Launchpad for Ubuntu Development. By the end of the session you could see loads of new development branches coming in. Awesome!
  3. Taking bite out of Unity: Jason Smith and Jorge Castro seem to have had a great time talking about Unity and how to get started fixing bugs and getting involved. The session is fun to read, so make sure you have a look if you didn’t have time yesterday.
  4. Getting your fixes into Ubuntu, how to make sponsors happy: The exceptional Stefano Rivera took the last slot of the day and talked about how to actually get your fix into Ubuntu. An additional focus of the session was how to avoid common mistakes. There were heaps of questions and loads of great answers, so I expect more and more good fixes coming in soon. :-D

I’m super-happy with day 1, it should give everyone who likes the idea of contributing to Ubuntu Development a good idea of where to start and how to get cracking. Sweet!

There’s still 4 days left and I’m excited like a small child. Let’s see what’s cooking today:

  1. 16:00 UTC: How to write a compiz plugin: Sam Spilsbury is up first to tell us more about Compiz and how to add more bling and spiffiness to it. Bring it on!
  2. 17:00 UTC: _How Stable Release Updates work: Next up is Jean-Baptiste Lallement who will explain how to not only fix the current development release, but also how to fix stable releases with millions of users. Excitement! _
  3. 18:00 UTC: _The Ubuntu One App Developer Programm_e: The unstoppable Stuart Langridge will introduce you to the Ubuntu One App Developer Programme, which is your best way to hook up your application or project with the service we all love. Sweet!
  4. 19:00 UTC: _Rocking with Zeitgeis_t: The next two guys are quite the double-act. Seif Lotfy and Manish Sinha are going to take an hour to introduce you to Zeitgeist, how to make great use of it and bring it into your project. Grrreat!
  5. 20:00 UTC: _Getting your fixes into Debian, how to make community happy: _The last session of the day is taken by Gerfried Fuchs and Nigel Babu, who will explain how to best and most seamlessly interact with our most important upstream project, the place of Open Source goodness we all love: Debian. Fantastic!

As you can see: we have quite an exciting day coming up. Make sure you’re there as well.

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