This cycle’s Ubuntu Developer Week is over. I know it’s unfortunate, but I hope you all had as great a time as I did. Logs are up on the Ubuntu Developer Week page, so if you want to check out what happened during the week, just go and read what happened.

Here’s the summary of the last day, Friday:

  1. Getting better bug reports: The day kicked off with Brian Murray and Nigel Babu, who explained how to use and extend Apport for packages that you are interested in. Seriously good stuff that prevents a lot of bug conversation ping-pong.
  2. Introducing boto EC2 Cloud API: Ahmed Kamal did a terrific job of explaining the boto EC2 Cloud API. It’s simple, easy to use and super useful whatever you might want to get done.
  3. Introduction to Django Development: Łukasz Czyżykowski was up next and gave an excellent session explaining how to get started using Django for developing websites. He zipped through an interesting and small example that showcases how beautiful and powerful Django is.
  4. Getting started with daily builds in Launchpad: I’m glad we had Michał Zając (and Philip Muškovac) giving a session about Daily Builds in Launchpad. A super-helpful service that will give you latest upstream goodness to play with in a very pain-free way.
  5. Project Lightning Talks: This was an experiment, but I’m quite sure that it’s here to stay. It was quite exciting to learn about loads of new projects that are going on. So if we can give all of them a platform for introducing themselves and attracting new users and contributors, we should definitely do that. Check out the log - seriously good stuff!

Ubuntu Developer Week might be over for this cycle, but there’s always the next UDW and there’s loads of ways to get involved beforehand.