February 4, 2011

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Ubuntu Packaging Guide

If you ever were interested in Ubuntu Development, I’m sure you came across the Ubuntu Packaging Guide. It served us well, but it became harder and harder to maintain. Because some parts are used in other wiki articles as well, we are making heavy use of includes, some other parts are slightly confusing as well.

We had a long discussion at UDS and came up with a plan. The idea was to write the articles in a task-based manner. So if you want to patch a package and get it included in Ubuntu, there will be an article for that. If you want to update package to a new upstream version, there’s going to be an article for that as well, and so on.

We kick-started the initiative and will use the ubuntu-packaging-guide project in Launchpad to coordinate our work. The general idea is:

  • Go through the list of articles we want to write.
  • Use merge proposals to review the new articles or updates together as a team.
  • Make use of parts of the old packaging guide and massage them into bite-size articles.
  • Package the result, put up a HTML and PDF guide on a canonical location.
  • Get it translated.

If you want to help out or have feedback, please feel free to help us out. Just branch lp:ubuntu-packaging-guide

and file a bug report or propose a merge.

This is going to make it a lot easier to get involved. Get involved and stay tuned for more news!

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