Today is a very special day. I’m sure that if you live in the Northern hemisphere you can feel it already: Spring is right around the corner. In addition to that it’s one of the most awesome weeks of the release cycle: It’s Ubuntu Developer Week!

The best thing of it is: you haven’t missed anything of it yet. Today is day 1! Let’s have a look at the schedule together and see what’s cooking today:

  1. 16:00 UTC: Getting Started with Ubuntu Development: It’s my turn to kick off Ubuntu Developer Week and I’ll introduce you to generally Ubuntu Development and get you set up for the rest of the week. Let’s see how much time we have. Maybe we get to toy around with the development tools a little bit as well.
  2. 18:00 UTC: Introduction to Ubuntu Distributed Development: Barry Warsaw is up next and will talk about how next-generation Ubuntu Development works. How to branch source packages, how to work on them and how to share your good work.
  3. 19:00 UTC: Taking a bite out of Unity: Jorge Castro and Jason Smith are going to introduce you to how Unity is developed and how you fit into the team, how you can help out and bring more greatness to the Ubuntu Desktop.
  4. 20:00 UTC: Getting your fixes into Ubuntu, how to make sponsors happy: The last session of the day will bring you in the perfect position to get started, get cracking and help out. Stefano Rivera will explain how to submit your patches and branches and get them included without any hassle.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited about this day one and I hope you’ll be there as well.

Joining is trivial. If you use IRC already, make sure you’re connected to and join #ubuntu-classroom. If you haven’t set it up yet, the easiest way to connect is to just CLICK HERE.

If you shouldn’t be able to attend the sessions, don’t worry, we’ll keep logs of all of them, so you can enjoy them later on.