February 16, 2011

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More feedback from Ubuntu Dev first timers

Continuing the story from first timers in Ubuntu Development, here is what Weston Miller has to say:

I’d say overall the process was simple and enjoyable. The IRC channels were very welcoming and were where I gleaned the most help for the fix committing procedure and any other snags. The only place that I would say needs improvement is the bug identification process. I was unable to find any simple process to easily identify simple bugs I could resolve except by triaging them myself.

I pointed out that we have Harvest for this reason: it tries to make sense of all the lists we have and aggregate opportunities in Ubuntu Development.

I had not seen Harvest before today. After just a few minutes of reviewing, it appears that this is the resolution to my issue. I was able to quickly find a number of issues that were easy to solve. I don’t see a method to sort by project language here, is this something thats possible?

I appreciate your direct correspondence, this kind of stuff is what sets Ubuntu apart.

Weston’s feedback was super-helpful, so now we have bug 705481 open for Harvest. Also do I agree that we need to advertise Harvest better… if you can help with that, I’d appreciate it!

Thanks again, Weston!

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