Feedback from Ubuntu Dev first timers

Jono sort of stole my thunder on this one, but here’s a bit more detail about what I’m doing and why it’s really exciting. :-)

At our last sprint in Dallas, after some discussion Jono gave me the advice to actively start reaching out to new contributors. I set up a list of people who just got their first change uploaded to the Ubuntu archive. I wonder why I didn’t have the idea earlier, but it’s great!

It is a nice way to reach out to new contributors, congratulate them and thank them for their work, show them that you care and make them feel welcome. But in addition to that it is great to find out more about stumbling blocks and problems from a contributor who hasn’t got used yet to “yeah, we all know it’s weird, but this is how we do it”, but still has a fresh impression of every little thing on the way that hurts.

In the next weeks I’m going to publish a few parts of the conversations I had to start preparing bigger discussions we should probably have about making things easier, common stumbling blocks and things we should celebrate!

Here’s the first one, read what Omer Akram has to say:

I have been doing a lot of SRU lately and it seems quite fun. people on #ubuntu-devel are friendly, ubuntu-sponsors are quick to review and then the Patch Pilot program really rocks. a little problem is that when some ubuntu-sponsor reviews and approves a request for package in main, usually you have to go to #ubuntu-devel for some core-dev to do the upload which sometimes slows down thing. other than that its fun.

Thanks a lot Omer!

I responded to Omer saying that the current patch pilot is indicated in the topic of #ubuntu-devel, so that might reduce the waiting time and find somebody who has a bit of time to check the suggested patch.

It makes sense that new contributors are interested in stable release updates. Most new contributors might have less faith in running the latest development release.

Is there anything we can do to make the process of “Getting SRUs into Ubuntu” easier and more enjoyable for new contributors?


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2011-02-07 18:05 +0100

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