One of my favourite applications in the Ubuntu and general Open Source world is xwax. It allows me to hook up my turntables using a Native Instruments Audio4DJ device. This way I can use music I bought on the Ubuntu One Music store using my turntables (as a controller). It’s absolutely fantastic.

Because I love xwax so much, I just set up an automatic daily build in Launchpad. The process is pretty straight-forward:

  • set up a Launchpad code import of upstream trunk
  • write a very short build recipe (mine basically just says: branch upstream trunk from LP and nest a branch with the packaging into the ./debian directory)
  • test the build recipe
  • and request build for the Ubuntu releases you’re interested in
  • done.

This is seriously good work by the Launchpad and Bazaar people. I hope this will help us figure out problems in specific pieces of upstream software much earlier in the future.