"What can I do to help Ubuntu rock harder?"

I get this question all the time and I’m happy to say we have quite a good answer now.

Harvest finds opportunities in lots of TODO lists that are generated by Ubuntu developer and aggregates that information in one place, so you can easily browse those opportunities by package, package set or type of opportunity.

If you want more information included in Harvest, please either talk to the author of the script that procudes that data or modify it yourself to additionally produce a list in this format and get it added to harvest-data.

If you want to start hacking on Harvest, just follow the instructions in the INSTALL file. Generally it should just be:

sudo apt-get install python-django python-launchpadlib python-django-openid-auth bzr
bzr branch lp:harvest
cd harvest
cp -i local_settings.py.sample local_settings.py
./manage.py syncdb
./manage.py init-harvest
./manage.py update
./manage.py runserver

… and you’re up and running with the newest data. Sweet, eh?

Have a look at current bugs and feature requests, branch Harvest, hack on it and propose a merge into trunk. We’ll be happy to have you helping out!


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2010-11-12 15:38 +0100

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