November 24, 2010

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dholbach tv

dholbach tv

Jono spilled the beans already. I’ll be taking a leaf out of his book and start a show called “Ubuntu Development with Daniel Holbach”. The first show will be tomorrow, 25th November 16:00 UTC*.

What I’ll talk about will be all kinds of things related to Ubuntu Development: how to get started, interesting new things that are happening, I’ll (try to) answer all kinds of questions, we’ll do some tutorial sessions, and whatever crazy new things we come up with together.

Bring your friends, bring your questions and join the show!

I’m really excited to see how this works out. :-D

*That’s Addis Ababa Thu 19:00, Adelaide Fri 02:30, Almaty Thu 22:00, Beijing Fri 00:00, Bogota Thu 11:00, Honolulu Thu 06:00, Istanbul Thu 18:00, Reykjavik Thu 16:00, Tegucigalpa Thu 10:00, Tehran Thu 19:30, …

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