Much improved Harvest online again

Harvest is online again and available at

I’d like to thank everybody who helped to make this possible, most of all Dylan McCall who worked on this as part of his Summer of Code project.

Some things changed:

  • Harvest is now written using Django which makes it much more maintainable and easy to work on. Check out lp:harvest and propose a merge to help out making it better.
  • Harvest now has a proper release procedure, which should help making it more of a community infrastructure than it ever was.
  • Harvest now has package set information which should make it much more usable.

Some stayed the same:

  • The Harvest project still has bugs, please consider helping out to fix them.
  • Harvest is still split up into lp:harvest, which displays all the data and lp:harvest-data which contains the list of data feeds. Please bear that in mind when filing bugs. Harvest does not know anything about bugs, merges, upstreams, etc. The FAQ on the main page should explain how this works.

I have a request for everyone using it in the next few days: please help us update the data feeds, some of them might be broken and will need updating for natty. Also will we need some help to write some new scripts so we get data feeds for merges.u.c, ftbfs and other lists we use day-to-day. It’d be great if Harvest was the one-stop shop to find out what needs doing for either a package or a whole package set.

Also if you’re at UDS, consider coming to the Natty Harvest session.

Thanks a lot in advance for considering helping out.

I hope this will make big change and answer the question “what can I do to help” once and for all.


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2010-10-20 18:24 +0200

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