August 1, 2010

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Earlier today I went to a goodbye party of a friend who’s going to Australia for a few months. Great things that happened:

  1. Party was outdoors, a few DJs played, great atmosphere, 100+ people at peak times
  2. Some of my awesome office mates were there, my sister too
  3. The police showed up and instead of shutting the party down, they told us where it was “OK” to have the party
  4. We moved all the equipment, the generator, drinks and everything else to the new place, which was nearby, everybody helped
  5. I played a 4 hour Drum’n’Bass set, which I (and others) were very happy with, they even collected money for the DJ - glad it was dark, so nobody could see if I was blushing
  6. I watched the sunrise by the riverside while the party was still going on
  7. I drove home on my bicycle
  8. A few guys stopped me to take a picture of them and as a thanks offered me their last beer

Oh how I love this city!

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