Ubuntu Developer Week: Day 3

Ubuntu Developer Week is not just amazing as always: this time it’s even better. The sessions are great, there’s loads of interesting details that were talked about but what’s even more important: we have loads of people attending who ask great questions and the first are already jumping in there and work actively on Ubuntu. That’s exactly what gives Ubuntu Developer Week it’s unique feel. I LOVE IT!

Yesterday was Day 3, so for those of you who did or could not attend, here’s what happened:

  • 16:00 UTC: Operation Cleansweep And Reviewing Patches (nigelb and bobbo): Nigel Babu is spearheading an initiative which has the goal that there’s no unreviewed patches left by the end of it. To achieve that we set up a process that’s very easy to follow and involves QA people, Ubuntu developers, Upstream and Debian developers. Nigel and David Futcher did a fantastic job talking about the effort. Make sure you join in on the fun!
  • 17:00 UTC: Forwarding Bugs And Patches Upstream (pedro_ and nigelb): Pedro Villavicencio Garrido is one of the best people to talk about evaluating bug reports and patches and being in touch with loads and loads of upstream developers about them and thus forwarding valuable information to software authors. His session was very informative, up to the point and it seems like there’s going to be even more people hanging out in #ubuntu-bugs soon.
  • 18:00 UTC: Daily Builds And You (jcastro and dholbach): Jorge Castro and I talked about Daily Builds afterwards. This is a very exciting new technology in Launchpad that is currently in Beta stage. If you want up-to-date software you care about out there and users using and testing it, read the log. I think Jorge and I were sounding something between a comedy duo and an old couple every now and then - I hope you forgive us. :)
  • 19:00 UTC: Make Your Applications Shine With Application Indicators (tedg): Ted Gould has been working on indicators in the panel for quite a while now and it was great to have him around to explain what’s going on and how to make best use of the technology. If your heart beats for Desktop stuff, you wrote a Desktop application or just want to know what’s going on and how things are evolving, make sure you check out the log.
  • 20:00 UTC: Kernel Triage (JFo): Imagine there’s millions of users using all kinds of different hardware. Imagine there’s failure reports or some kind of hardware not working exactly. How do you deal with the feedback of those users? This is exactly that Jeremy Foshee talked about. As you can imagine there’s a lot of lessons the Kernel team learned already and lots of experience that went into the session. If you like all things hardware and want to give Jeremy a hand, be sure to check out the log.

As always: thanks a lot everybody who makes Ubuntu Developer Week happening. You know who you are and you’re awesome!

Day 4 starts in just a few hours, so here’s what’s happening today:

  • 16:00 UTCCreate An Application For Ubuntu With Quickly – didrocks

    • Description: If you ever had a great idea for an application that makes the life of users easier and didn’t want to waste hours of getting everything set up, you’ll be absolutely right here. Didier Roche will show you how to get it done quickly.
  • 17:00 UTCImproving Ubuntu In An Evening – vish

    • Description: All you got is an Evening of Love for Ubuntu? Vishnoo will show you how to make an impact in just one evening.
  • 18:00 UTCContribute To Ubuntu Server, Do Server Papercuts! – ttx

    • Description: Thierry Carrez works hard making the Ubuntu Server experience even smoother than it already is. Helping with Server papercuts is a great and easy way to get involved in Ubuntu Server development, so if you’re interested and would like to help out, be there!
  • 19:00 UTCHow To Help With Xubuntu – charlie-tca

    • Description: Xubuntu is alive and kicking, but needs your help! Charlie Kravetz will show you how!
  • 20:00 UTCMerge proposals: life on the sunny side – beuno

    • Description: Martin Albisetti will talk about merge proposals, how they work, why they make your code better and how you can easily learn more by using them.

Hope to see you there and please help spread the news! :)


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