Ubuntu Developer Week: Day 2

Another day of Ubuntu Developer Week has passed and what a great day it was. Let’s re-cap:

  • 16:00 UTC: Packaging Like A Ninja (shadeslayer): Rohan Garg brought a lot of fun to UDW by teaching us all how things work in the Kubuntu team. If I counted correctly he even handed out three orange ninja belts.
  • 17:00 UTC: «I Don’t Know Anything About Translations» (dpm): By the looks of it, David Planella managed to resolve the problem of not knowing very very well. He gave an excellent overview over translations and how to work with them and answered what felt like a thousand questions.
  • 18:00 UTC: Developing With Qt Quick and QML (Riddell): As a seasoned KDE-hacker Jonathan Riddell knows what’s going on in the KDE and Qt world and which technologies get you good results quickly. He gave great insight into making your KDE apps rock very easily.
  • 19:00 UTC: How To Work With Debian (Laney and Rhonda): Wow, what a great session. I’m particularly excited to see people from Debian and Ubuntu collaborate like that and see that much interest in getting the most out of our work for both projects. Great session, lots of info, lots of good questions.
  • 20:00 UTC: Setting Up A Small Validation Dashboard (zyga): The last session of the day was held by Zygmunt Krynicki who presented an interesting way to see how low-level changes affect the whole system and measure performance. The questions indicate that there’s a deep interest in solving this problem across the board.

Again, I’d like to thank everybody who made this day a success.

We have Day 3 ahead of us, so let’s see what’ll happen today:

  • 16:00 UTCOperation Cleansweep - Reviewing Patches – nigelb and bobbo

    • Description: Operation Cleansweep is in full swing, the goal is to review around 2000 patches and help to push them into the right direction. Nigel Babu will give a session that will explain very easily how to help with this fantastic initiative.
  • 17:00 UTCForwarding Bugs and Patches Upstream – pedro_

    • Description: This session together with the one before will give you all the tools to effectively help Ubuntu, Debian and other upstream projects. Pedro Villavicencio will deliver this session and has great experience: he does a great job working primarily with the GNOME project.
  • 18:00 UTCDaily Builds And You – jcastro and dholbach

    • Description: Hold tight for Jorge Castro’s session about the latest piece of awesome of our Launchpad infrastructure. Daily Builds will change how we interact with projects a lot because it helps to bring the latest awesome to testers and enthusiasts very easily.
  • 19:00 UTCMaking Your Applications Shine With Application Indicators – tedg

    • Description: Application Indicators clean up the panel and are easy to use. Find out how to use them in your application for a great user experience.
  • 20:00 UTCKernel Triage – JFo

    • Description: Interested in the core parts of Ubuntu that make hardware work? Jeremy Foshee will take you on a tour through kernel wonderland and show you how to help out.



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2010-07-14 10:50 +0200

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