… it’s Ubuntu Developer Week time!

Starting from 16:00 UTC today, we’ll have one week of awesome sessions revolving around development, packaging, hacking and in general making Ubuntu better.

I’m very excited for the event to kick off, so let’s see what day 1 has for us:

  • 16:00 UTC17:00 UTCGetting Started With Development – dholbach

    • Description: As always we’ll start the week with a session on how to get you started. In this session Daniel Holbach will get you set up, talk about helpful tools and make sure you get the big picture overview first.
  • 18:00 UTCWidgetcraft – apachelogger

    • Description: Ever wanted to create your own amazing Plasma Widget? Now is your chance! Harald Sitter will show you how to create such a magical program and how to get your own fan club.
  • 19:00 UTCDesktop Team overview – seb128

    • Description: Sébastien Bacher will talk about how the desktop team is building your favorite desktop, what the common tasks are that the team is working on and what you could do if you want to contribute as well
  • 20:00 UTCAuthoring Upstart Jobs – slangasek

    • Description: As you all might’ve heard upstart is Ubuntu’s init system for quite a while now. Upstart offers a bunch of nice features, which you can easily make use of, after Steve Langasek showed you how.
    • Preparation: Skim the init(5) manpage and bring your questions with you

I hope to see you all there and be sure to tell your friends!