We want to make it easy to get involved in Ubuntu on a broad basis, but also make it easy to just go ahead and do something as a drive-by contribution.

At UDS we talked a lot about making it easy to just go and fix a bug that bothers you. We did a couple of improvements to our documentation and some other bits here and there.

What I now need is your feedback. It’d be super-sweet if you never just went and fixed a bug in Ubuntu, you now just tried to do that. I don’t want to give too many instructions, because I want to see how you go about finding docs, which tools you use, what you do to make it happen, so the instructions are thus:

  • Wear your hardhat.
  • Remember an Ubuntu bug that bothered you or find one you’d like to work on
  • Take notes. It’s important that you note down what exactly you tried to do, what worked and what didn’t work. We want to fix the process harder and make it super-smooth.
  • Add a comment to this blog entry or mail dholbach at ubuntu dot com with your findings.

Thanks a bunch in advance. This is an awesome opportunity for you to not only fix a bug in Ubuntu, but also help fix the process involved.

I’ll report the findings in a couple of weeks.