May 31, 2010

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NGO Team during Maverick

I’m very happy with the plans of the Ubuntu NGO team this cycle. In short we want to:

  • have more regular meetings - once a month
  • get an overview of NGO-related blueprints in maverick (
  • come up with specific questions for interviews
  • work on stats/feedback from the interviews - find out what works very well for NGO - tools they’ve built on their own
  • put together spec and blog, post to mailing list announcing Manifest and create branch to make it easier for others to contribute
  • document set-up and install for common applications for NGOs
  • create Facebook group
  • investigate if there’s “NGO Planet websites” somewhere
  • find list of groups of websites and list of organisations
  • See if NGOs would consider document their work - best practices

If you’re interested in stuff that non-profits, NGOs and charities do, in Ubuntu and making the world a better place. Join the team and the mailing list and contribute!

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