Archive / Permissions Reorg confusion

For a few development cycles we have been working on reorganising the Ubuntu archive and developer permissions. There were a lot of changes that were suggested and discussed and it proved to be quite a bit of work.

We completed a huge chunk of it and because there are many misconceptions about it, here’s a list of changes that are implemented today:

  • Ubuntu developers can apply for upload rights for one or more specific packages. This is very interesting for upstream or Debian maintainers or simply people who are interested in just a very narrow selection of packages.
  • We created a list of package sets. This concept works great for teams that are interested simply in a subset of packages, ie: kubuntu, ubuntu-server, ubuntu-desktop, etc. You can query them via the Launchpad API. Also can you apply for upload rights for those.
  • Because of these changes, we merged ubuntu-main-sponsors and ubuntu-universe-sponsors into ubuntu-sponsors. Here a view that explains who can upload which packages. (Process docs.)
  • Also did we merge motu-sru into ubuntu-sru. (Process docs.)
  • Also did we merge motu-release into ubuntu-release. (Process docs.)

These changes will give us much more flexibility in giving teams more liberties to maintain packages efficiently. Also do the changes above make it easier for contributors, because for things like sponsorship, SRU and release decisions they just get in touch with one team, no matter which package set the package maybe be in in the end.

Thanks everybody for your hard work on this!


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2010-05-18 12:21 +0200

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