Summer of Code 2010: Accepted Ubuntu projects

Google just announced the projects that were accepted. So what’s next?

If your project is on the list, you’re now entering the community bonding period (until May 24th). This means that you’re not expected to hack on the project right now, but get to know the project and how it works. This is how Google puts it: “Rather than jumping straight into coding, you’ve got some time to learn about your organization’s processes – release and otherwise – developer interactions, codes of conduct, etc. We also figured it would be easier to socially engage with your fellow developers when the pressure to ship isn’t looming in your vision. I know few folks who didn’t lurk in a project’s IRC channel for weeks or even months before submitting their first patch, let alone saying hello and getting to know the other folks in the channel.”

If you’re a mentor or student, make sure you read this:

Here’s the Ubuntu Summer of Code projects that were accepted by Google.

  • The Great Clipboard Fixing Galore Project
    Student: Sarah Strong
    Mentor: Ted Gould
  • Android U1: Ubuntu One client for Android
    Student: Michal Karnicki
    Mentor: Stuart Langridge
  • services-admin configuration and Upstart-ification
    Student: Jacob Peddicord
    Mentor: David Bensimon
  • Harvest user interface improvements
    Student: Dylan McCall
    Mentor: Daniel Holbach
  • USB-creator Improvements
    Student: Dmitrijs Ledkovs
    Mentor: Evan Dandrea
  • Home user backup solution/Deja Dup improvements
    Student: Urban Skudnik
    Mentor: Michael Terry
  • Bug Triaging Improvements for Launchpad/Arsenal
    Student: Kamran Khan
    Mentor: bryce harrington
  • Ubuntu One for the KDE workspace
    Student: Harald Sitter
    Mentor: Jonathan Riddell
  • Testdrive Front End
    Student: Andres Rodriguez Lazo
    Mentor: Dustin Kirkland
  • Software Center Improvements
    Student: Peter Gardenier
    Mentor: Matthew Thomas
  • Mez

    U1 client for Android – w00t

  • Tom

    Very cool!

    I hope they will all be successful.