Our community has loads of incredibly clever people. Most of them spent years working in the Open Source world and have a lot of experience solving problems and handling all kinds of tools.

We need to get much better at passing on that knowledge. Whenever I’m visiting a friend who does something with Open Source chances are high that I’ll be all “OMG, I didn’t know you could do XYZ so easily!!!”

The reason we started the Packaging Training initiative is because we want to solve these and other problems. The idea behind this was easy:

  • at least one session once a week
  • rotate times, so everybody around the globe can participate
  • no pressure, if it’s just a short demo with time for Q&A afterwards, that’s cool
  • keep logs around for later on
  • have channels where new contributors (who are not 100% familiar with English) can ask questions in their mother tongue

In the past we had fantastic sessions and people from all kinds of teams presenting. Here a few examples:

If you ever found yourself in situtations like these: 1) Somebody is totally excited you told them about some tool that is one of your favourite in your toolbox, 2) You think “Why don’t people use XYZ instead of ABC? It’s much easier!”, make sure you talk to us. Please share your secret of success. :)

If you’re interested in helping with the coordination of Packaging Training, we want you too. This is what we do:

  • Find new speakers, for four talks a month.
  • Announce them here.
  • Collect logs.

Interested? Want to help out? Talk to us.